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This past weekend Daniel and I had many exciting (and expensive) adventures. At the end of the weekend we felt like we’d created many memories, but at a very expensive price. We don’t mind splurging once and awhile, but we both recognize that we can’t be having such “adventurous” weekends 52-times a year. This got me thinking, does this mean we have to be confined to our one-bedroom apartment on our days off? Certainly not! Below I’ve brainstormed a list of ways that we can have inexpensive date nights (that hopefully other couples can benefit from as well!)

1.    Watch a Movie: There are many ways to save on watching movies. Scotiabank provides a Visa Card that earns movie points. For every thousand dollars that you spend, you receive a free movie. If you link as many bills as you can to your credit card, you can watch a few free movies a year with your hubby! Just remember to pay your credit card bill every month!

Alternatively, it’s much cheaper to wait until the movie comes out on DVD. Daniel and I probably rent a movie twice a month, which is about $12.00/month. You can also check out the library for free movie rentals, or even check out garage sales. I found a few TV on DVD movies for $2.00 a few weeks ago. Now, that’s a steal!

2.    Take a Class: Lots of people love taking classes and learning new things. Why not learn something new with your loved one? Instead of paying to take a class, you may be able to find some for free. I did a bit of research and discovered that the following stores provide free classes!

Home Depot – Free Workshops (such as Update your Countertops and Cabinets or Build a Deck)

Longos – Inexpensive Classes (as low as $5/class for a introduction to cooking, or $15/class for a Lunch N’ Learn class)

Apple Store – Free Workshops (learn the basics for your iPod, IPad, or Mac)

Your Local Library – Free Classes (check out your local library for tons of free classes, I found guided tours of the Bruce Trail, and a basic Origami Class)

3.    The Arts: Daniel and I both appreciate art, although we don’t know too much about it. You’d be surprised by how many local art galleries are near you, and most of them are free (or request a small donation).

Art Gallery of Hamilton (free on certain days)
McMaster Museum of Art
Creations Gallery and Framing in Ancaster

4.    Nature:  Nobody is going to charge you for talking a nice stroll in the park. Daniel and I are extremely fortunate to live right near the Bruce Trail, and countless waterfalls. We have the opportunity to view God’s beautiful creation, and not a dime needs to be spent! To make it a day, why not pack a picnic and bring some books along?

Spencer Gorge Conservation Area
Dundurn Castle
Royal Botanical Gardens
Waterfalls of Hamiltons (Tews, Websters, etc)

5.    Theatre: I would love to see Wicked or The Lion King the next time these shows are back in Toronto, but reality is, sometimes the theatre can really break the bank. I’m a firm believer that sometimes it’s important to splurge on things like this. Some of my most cherished memories are when my Mom took me to plays such as The Lion King, or to the Ringling Bros. & Barnum Bailey Circus.

This weekend Daniel and I went to see Cirque Du Soliel, and although the show was a bit expensive ($125.00 for both of us), we really created an unforgettable memory. We also actually saved $60.00 because we found a deal on TravelZoo (another great site to make note of!)

There are ways to enjoy theatre and not have to spend too much money. One example is waiting for last minute tickets. This is a bit of a gamble, but you can score some really inexpensive theatre tickets! SoulPepper has been voted the best Theatre in Toronto, and you can score tickets for as low as $5 per person. That’s cheaper than a high school play! If you are ages 21-30, you can pay $22 if you reserve your tickets (this is the less risky option). Because I am so in love with this theatre I will actually post the link:

Soul Pepper is also located in The Distillery District. Daniel and I are so in love with this place, because it’s in the heart of Toronto, but really has a small town feel. You can certainly spend the day here and enjoy some sight-seeing (for free!) I would warn you though, the food here is delicious, so if you are looking for a splurge stay for lunch!

That’s all for now! Just a quick reminder, the Toronto Jazz Festival is on from June 24-July 3. This is a great opportunity to spend the day with your sweetheart and spend no money! There are tons of venues and plenty of opportunity to create loving memories!

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  1. :D thanks for great ideas :)
    Tis true, so many fun things to do that do not cost a whole ton.


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