Thank You Jesus

Thank you Jesus for changing my life.
You rescued me from sin and destruction.
You gave me hope, and new life in you.
I was so lost and confused, my future so uncertain.
Who knows who I would have become, without you.
What I would have done, without you.
Even in my days of selfishness and greed, you were there.
You protected me, and loved me.
I did not see you there in my darkness and despair.
Some nights though, I would hear you knocking.
“Open Up.”
“Love me, for I love you.”
Thank you Lord, for opening my eyes. I could not do it alone.
You rescued me, and now all I want to do is praise you for the rest of my days.
Use my life Lord. Use my marriage. Use my gifts that you have given me.
Shape and mould my life, to do your will.
Use me to bring you glory. Every day.

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  1. Yet again, a beautiful insight to your life.
    May we all take time to really seek God


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