DIY Nesting

When we first moved into our home a couple of months ago I was in full nesting mode. Daniel was busy for about 2-days putting together all of our Ikea furniture. I was able to score some neat deals from HomeSense, and I was even able to find a nice picture of poppies for our kitchen.

However, lately I have been feeling like I would like to add some personalized things to our home. I love reading blogs, and there are a few blogs that I follow that truly inspire me in the home decor area.

There are just a few problems:
1. No money
2. No room (we live in a 1-bedroom apartment on-campus at Redeemer)
3. I'm not that good at this kind of stuff!

This week I began my journey to a cozier home. I bought two prints from Jessi at Naptime Diaries, a crafty blogger who loves Jesus!
{this is one of the prints that we purchased, we plan on putting it in our living room}

Unfortunately, that is the extent of my decorating. I already got in semi-trouble from my husband for purchasing the prints (although once I showed him how pretty and Bible-versey they were he softened quite a bit!) We're just not in a stage in our lives right now where we can be decorating our home and creating fun things out of leftover material (or whatever crafty people do). Instead, I just feel blessed to have the home that we do. It's cozy, and comfortable; my husband can come home from work, put his feet up, and relax. That's what life is all about!

In the meantime, I'll just read blogs like this one, and be amazed at how God gives everybody such different and unique gifts!


  1. Join pinterest, and pin all the inspiration, crafts and DIY projects to a board for future reference. It has satisfied my redecorating urges for now

  2. Ohhh neat-o I could probably spend hours on that website! haha! Thank you for suggesting it! I really want to make those pom-poms that are popular now, and those flag/banners...

    But I also have to remember that a man lives here too! haha!

  3. Buy a plant - lots on sale right now at Home Depot, and I find that often the grocery stores also put them on sale frequently. Nothing like something fresh to add a bit of warmth and sunshine to a room!

    Another source of great and economical finds - check out some of the trillion garage sales that are advertised in the paper each weekend. Some of the 'moving' sales have a lot of terrific stuff for next to nothing!

  4. Thanks for the tips! :) I love garage sales, I'll have to check them out more often ;)

  5. Brianna,
    Dollarama has the best wall stickers! Dean and I got about 5 of them for different rooms in our place. There peel and stick and come in many different sayings! They even have bible verses! Best purchase I have ever made and only a buck! I didn't get in trouble for buying them! :)


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