The Joys of Married Life

Being engaged was one of the most difficult times in my life. My husband and I experienced an overwhelming amount of criticsim regarding our decison to marry at such a young age. Nobody had a reason that the two of us should not get married, but everybody was worried about our age and financial situation. At a time when I longed to be full of joy, I continually felt the joy being pulled from me at every angle. After 10 LONG months of engagement, I was very ready to be married.

Today marks our 11th week of marriage. Daniel and I have been husband and wife for nearly three months now. Although, I did not anticipate the amount of sorrow and grief that I felt during my engagement (perhaps I will post more on that another day), I could have never imagined the amount of joy that I feel in our marriage each day. Now that we're married, the criticism has mostly ceased, and the marital bliss has begun.

Here are some reasons that I LOVE being married:

I have a spiritual leader: Oh. my. goodness. I had no idea what it was like to have a spiritual leader in my home. Each morning I wake up, and see my husband's beautiful Bible on our coffee table. After breakfast I take his Bible, and put it back on the bookshelf (because I'm OCD like that). The cycle continues, as the Bible is miraciously on the coffee table each morning. One day I asked my husband, "why do you always leave your Bible on the coffee table?" Do you know what his answer was?

"To encourage you."

My beautiful, strong, loving husband is leading me by example. My beloved Daniel, your simple gestures are beautiful. Your encouragement has allowed me to grow spiritually in ways that I could not imagine.

{my husband & I reading our Bibles}

I have a playmate: Last night my husband and I wrestled in bed (and no, I don't mean that kind of wrestling). We were just having fun, throwing pillows at each other and laughing together. Perhaps this is because we recently exited teenagerhood, but I hope that we continue to wrestle until we're 80-years-old. I love when my husband teases me and plays around with me.

We eat our meals together: Most evenings (unless Dan is working late), we eat dinner at the kitchen table together. This is our time to talk and reflect about our day. Before we eat, Daniel stands up, puts his arms around me, and prays for our meal, and our marriage. It's beautiful. Daniel has turned praying before meals (an often mundane tradition), into something beautiful and comforting to me.

My husband delights in the wife of his youth (Proverbs 5: 18) --Nuff said

We adventure together: We love exploring new places and adventuring together. It's wonderful just to have the company and conversation of your spouse. We challenge each other, and talk about our future and where we pray that God will take us. I pray that we can have 50+ years of fun dinner dates, beautiful vacaitions, and long walks to grow and love each other deeper.

There's plenty of other things that I love about being married. This list could go on, and on. I know my love for my husband will only grow as the months and years fly by. Yes, we're very young to be married. Yes, we're very poor to be married. But, none of these things has stopped us, or been a hindrance in loving each other and growing in our marriage.

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  1. Thank you so much Brianna for all of your inspirational blogs. As my boyfriend and I are hoping to get married at a similar stage in life as you guys are I really feel encouraged by your words... I know that as we get engaged this year we will have similar critics coming our way and to hear that you not only endured it but proved that it can work is so awesome!


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