Adoring My Husband

The media likes to portray husbands as babbling, goofy, ignorant bufoons:

[Phil Dunphy from Modern family always makes me laugh, but he's kind of a joke]

[I loved this movie, but that doesn't mean I want to be married to Steve Carrell]

[In Grown Ups, none of the men are really "grown-up']

These are just a few of countless examples of sub-par TV husbands. In film and TV, it's the wife that always has it all together, the wife that saves the day. The husband is merely there to make us laugh, usually because he's just so ridiculous. 

After thinking about these husbands, I really really appreciate my husband. He is sweet, considerate, loving, and kind. He always knows what to say, and is so encouraging. He makes me laugh, but he's not stupid or ignorant. He's sensitive, and caring. I adore my husband. He is wonderful, and I'm so blessed to be able to call him mine. 

Thank you Daniel for being so easy to adore. You are hilarious and crazy at times, but you are far more than that. You are strong, and willing to lead our family. You sacrifice your time and your talents to help others. You are generous. You love the Lord above all, and you always make me feel cherished, loved, and needed. 

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