Life with My Best Friend

Lately I haven't had much time for writing, but the other day my husband and I were looking at some old pictures and re-living lots of fun memories we've had as a dating, engaged, and married couple. Here are some of my favourites:

[Spring 2009, just a few weeks into dating. We went to the red hills in Caledon, ON with some friends]

[August 2009 at my best friend Ashley's wedding.]

[Thanksgiving 2009]

[Engagement pictures, August 2010]

[May 7, 2011 - our wedding day]

[Our honeymoon - Mexico!]

[Niagara Falls, post-honeymoon, love Dan's face]

Excited for the new memories that we're creating as a married couple! Hope you had fun reminiscing with me!


  1. One of the most beautiful couples I have ever seen :) Your happiness shines through your pictures together, and through your blog entries about your relationship. It gives me hope that I can find love with a great guy one day, too!!!

  2. Great pics, Brianna! You are a sweet couple! Best wishes :)

  3. what a lovely couple :)


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