Our Home

We have been living in our home for almost 4 months. I figured it was about time that I took some pictures. Some days I wish that we had a bigger place. I wish that we could paint our walls. I wish that we had more money to decorate. But on some days, when I'm not being so ungrateful, I just feel so peaceful and at home in our place.

Here is our living room (my favourite part of the house)
Oh, and there is my favourite man too :)

I think he is dancing here:

This is our kitchen. It's quite small but I've managed to make it work. 
I wish there was more colour though.

Here is our eating area

And finally, our bedroom. 
It is the most plain, and likely needs the most work.

Do you have any cheap decorating tips or ideas for me?

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  1. All it needs is a wedding picture above you bed!


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