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Naming our child is one of the most exciting things to think about. And scary. There are so many names to choose from, and two people have to agree on the same name. Not to mention the fact that I have created some criteria for our baby's name.

1. Name Cannot Be In The Top 10: Daniel and I both love the name Chloe, however, in 2010 it was the #5 name in Canada. Other names we like: Benjamin (#9), Noah (#6), Charlotte (#10), Ava (#4). I was never Brianna M. in elementary school or high school. In fact, I felt like my name was MY name. If ever I meet someone with the name Brianna I get a little annoyed. I want my child to rarely meet someone with their name, and it's okay if they get annoyed when they meet them. :)
- Brianna was # 77 in 1989 (USA)
- Daniel was # 6 in 1989 (USA)

2. Cannot Be Trendy: Daniel and I really like the name Brooklynn (#142). The problem? I don't think this name existed 100-years ago, and that bothers me a bit. I want to name my child a name that will stand the test of time. Did Brynlee exist 100-years ago? No. I didn't even know it existed until about 5-minutes ago.

3. Cannot be "Celebrity": Can I admit something? I like the name Shiloh (#620, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's daughter's name), and I also like Seraphina (not in top 1000, Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck's daughter's name). The problem? I don't want people to say to me, "Oh -- Shiloh? Like Angelina and Brad's baby?"

I will definitely NOT be naming my child Apple, Pilot Inkspektor, Blanket, Moon Unit, or Petal Blossom Rainbow (ALL real celeb kids' names)

We have also made a few "bendable" criteria. These are not "musts", but we would like to stick to this criteria if possible.

4. Multiple Syllables: Our last name is Bell. This means that we have some room to play with longer names. We tend to favour names with 3-syllables, or more. I am not interested in becoming Duggar-like and naming all my kids with "J" names, but I do like when children's names "go together" somehow. We think that we'd like to name all of our kids with 3-syllable names or more.

Some exceptions include: Georgia (# 326), Ezra (# 243)

5. Greek or Hebrew Names: Daniel and I have 4 names that we really like chosen (2 boys and 2 girls). Of these names, 3 are Greek and 1 is Hebrew (note: none of these names have been mentioned in this blog). Greek names have been around a long, long, time, but they aren't over-used. They also tend to be 3-syllables or more.

The Challenge For YOU:
Can you come up with a few names to recommend that meet most of, or even all the criteria? Don't worry too much about # 5.

Check out my favourite baby names website http://nameberry.com/ for some ideas


  1. I know you don't want the top 10 names, but Noah and Charlotte are so cute! Also, my cousin is pregnant right now.. she just found out yesterday she's having a boy, and the girl name she had picked out was Penelope (kind of odd, but they would've called her Penny for short). Good luck on thinking up names!

  2. Take your time! Don't fret this too much. You are only 12 weeks.... you have a long way to go yet and lots of time to decide, so don't rush.

  3. With our first born we names picked out early. For our second born we picked a name as I went into labour. Pick a name that you both love. Period. You will drive yourselves crazy with all of these restrictions : ) Love you guys!

  4. KASSANDRA- which possibly meant "shining upon man", derived from κεκασμαι (kekasmai) "to shine" and ανηρ (aner) "man"

  5. I remember having a chat with you about this in the good ol' CEFI days... I definitely think you should have a "flower" middle name- keep the Zerafa women tradition alive!
    Love you Bri!

  6. lol Danielle our girl will DEF. have a flower middle name. Our boy -- not so much!! For some reason Petunia does not sound too good on a boy..haha!!

    Thanks everybody for all your suggestions. It's exciting to think about -- and something I have been thinking about since I was a little girl!

  7. Evangeline = bearer of good news

    1. hey Linds, I can tell you this now, but Evangeline was our #2 choice for Pen! lol

  8. Hi Brianna, I'm a friend of your mom's. I don't come here often but saw the news of the baby was now 'out there' so had to come by for a read. Do you like the name Danbri for a girl. Kind of seems silly but I like how it looks AND sounds. Danbri. Danbri Acacia. Acacia is a flower, there is also an Acacia Rose flower. A boy Bridan, then take all the males closest to this baby, use the first initial from each and see if you can come up with a middle name. Some fun. Names are fun, my daughter has been interested in names and their origin, as well as personal meaning for many years. Have fun.

    Karen (girlhood friend of Rosie's)

  9. Hi Brianna,

    Congratulations on your pregnancy! I wish you health and joy throughout the next several months, and of course once the baby is born!

    A friend of mine recently had a baby girl and named her Eloise. They call her Ellie for short. I thought that Eloise Bell sounds beautiful, so that's my suggestion for you.

    Good luck!

  10. Thanks again for all the great suggestions..hmm.. Eloise is really nice actually! It's # 530 in popularity which is great, plus it's 3-syllables! I likey a lot!! :)

  11. I always like a challenge.

    For a girl: Adel, Liora, Bridget, Ezrela, Anthea.
    For a boy: Charis, Azariel, Hanoch, Oholiav, Rachim.

    I really like Hebrew names so I like criteria #5. I also thought it was important that the name mean something good. My name means crown and I always thought that was kind of lame and meaningless. Also totally agree on the not a popular name thing, I always hated how many girls had the same name in school. Stefanie was #8 in 1989 and I always had like 4 other girls in my class with the name Stephanie.

    I'll leave it to you to research them and see why I picked them, that's the fun part.

  12. Gabriella \gab-

    riella, gabri(el)-la\ as a girl's name is a variant of Gabrielle (Hebrew), and the meaning of Gabriella is "heroine of God".

    I really love my name!
    Not long ago I had in mind "Sofia" if I have a girl :) In English it would be "Sophie".
    I think its cute!

    Sofia \s(o)-fia\ as a girl's name is pronounced so-FEE_ah. It is of Greek origin, and the meaning of Sofia is "wisdom". Spanish, Italian, and Scandinavian form of Sophia.

  13. Oh this is right up my alley! I have been name obsessed for as long as I can remember and have had names picked out for years. I am sure whatever name you pick for your little one will be absolutely perfect, so don't stress it. Just pick something you love!

    Here are some names from my (very) long list
    Adelaide, Adeline, Anneliese, Amelia, Beatrice, Catherine, Cecily/Cecilia, Cordelia, Eloise, Felicity, Fiona, Genevieve, Georgina, Helena, Isobel, Josephine, Juliana, Juliet, Leona, Lilia, Liliana, Linnea, Marissa, Matilda, Mattea, Milena, Miranda, Penelope, Philippa, Rosalie, Sapphira, Sofia/Sophia, Susanna, Vivienne

    Adrian, Augustin, Elijah, Elias, Elliot, Gabriel, Julian, Matthias, Nathan/Nathaniel, Oliver, Samuel, Sebastian, Theodore, Tobias, William

  14. wow Daniela I think we are name twins. Since you made such a long list I will say this: we have picked our boy and girl name and they are both on your list. I also love almost EVERY name you listed and we have considered lots. Impressive Daniela! :)

  15. Well that's what being a name nerd will do to you! I can't wait to see what name you go with, but you can't go wrong if your name is on my list. I see a monogrammed baby gift in your future lol. Can you believe 10+ years ago we were playing barbies after school and now we are talking babynames?! Crazy!


  16. What about Margaret? Or Audrey? Those names are so pretty!!


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