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My husband and I are proud to announce that we are going to be PARENTS to the most precious little child! We feel so blessed and honoured that God has blessed us with a baby so early in our marriage, and couldn't be happier to share this news with our family and friends.

This afternoon I was able to see the heartbeat of our child for the first time. Let me tell you, this is the most amazing experience I have EVER had. I didn't think that we'd be able to see any movement, but our little guy or girl was dancing and waving to us.

We found out we are pregnant on September 7, 2011 (our four month anniversary).
We are due on May 7, 2012 (our 1 year anniversary!)
I'm currently 11 weeks and 3 days pregnant.
We are so excited.

I'll write more later about what the experience has been like, and how I've been feeling (not too great). But, right now we're just so ecstatic from seeing our little baby that we can barely contain our excitement.

Lots of Love From,

Daniel, Brianna, and Baby Bell


  1. So exciting Bri! Glad it's official!! I'm so happy for you guys! You're going to make amazing parents. Love from Sam & BB!

  2. YAY! I love your blog! And I'm so excited that you have been blessed with a little bundle of joy!
    Congrats Bell Family <3

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  4. Im pretty sure God has sent you an angel :) And Im also sure it will make your marriage be stronger than it was!! And of course, much more blessed! Love,Gabi


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