Baby Bump Photos

I haven't posted any baby bump photos in awhile, so here are some pictures from the last 2-weeks.

[four generations! My Nana, Me, Baby Bell, and My Ma]

This weekend I also saw my two brothers, and my sister-in-law. My brother Aaron and his wife Sherry are having their first child at the end of December 2011. We had to get some belly shots together! I'm so excited that my brother and I are both having children at the same time, especially since we're 11-years apart! I hope that the two cousins (who will be 5-months apart) will grow up to be great friends!

[Sherry & I with the 2 cousins]

[Such a precious picture to me! My brother Aaron with wife Sherry and their little girl. 
Me with my husband Daniel and our little...boy? girl?]

[This is also a beautiful quilt that my Grandmother made Baby Bell. We love it!!]


  1. OOOH SOO CUTE!!!!

  2. You look gorgeous! :) Keep sharing!

  3. Thanks for sharing Brianna.
    What beautiful memories you are creating.

  4. Thx everyone!! I'll try posting baby bump pics more frequently :)


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