Fruitful Unemployment

My first week of unemployment is almost over. I've prayed that during this season I would use my time wisely, and be fruitful in all that I do. So far, this week has been a wonderful week of connecting with different people, and spending lots of time resting and relaxing.

To be honest, I have enjoyed this week immensely. It's been wonderful, and I love knowing that each day I get to choose what I do, and spend time growing in my relationship with God and with others.

These are my goals for the next few months of unemployment:

1. Spend time in The Word:
With all this extra time, there is no excuse for me not to be daily in God's Word. Each morning I have been opening my Bible and reading the beautiful story of my Saviour. I have also been reading Morning by Morning by Charles Haddon Spurgeon, which is an amazing devotional by the way (and I am not really a devo book person).

2. Spend time in Prayer: 
There is a lot going on in our lives right now. So much of it that I wish that I could share, but am not sure it's wise to (I just wrote a blog today that I deleted because I'm not quite sure if I should have posted it in the first place). I have been seeking God in prayer over everything in our lives. It's so nice to be washing the dishes and talking to God, knowing that the Creator of the universe has our lives in his Almighty hands. I've been praying more for my precious Baby Bell too, something I have neglected these past few weeks. I long for our child to grow up loving and serving the Lord, but I know that it starts first with my serving Him.

3. Connecting with my Husband:
I love going to bed with my husband and waking up each morning with him next to me. I love eating breakfast together, and waiting for him to come home after each class. Right now he is in a biology lab until 4:00pm, and I just can't wait to welcome him home and spend the rest of our evening together. However, being married only 7-months has taught me something: connecting with your spouse takes work. Just because you see him or her daily does not mean that you will have meaningful conversations, and truly receive the nourishment that you both need daily. Daniel and I have both been working at connecting on a deeper level each day. Daniel has taken such a great role and responsibility in being my encourager. It's beautiful. As we connect more frequently our desire to serve one another, and pray for one another deepens. My love for my husband has also soared this week. I'm thankful that we have this time together before our first child is born to truly connect and learn more about each other.

4. Connecting with others:
This week I was able to spend some good quality time with my Mom. She works weekends and is off two-days during the week. We now have more opportunities to spend time together and do fun mother-daughter things. I also was blessed with the chance to spend a few hours yesterday with my friend and mentor who has a 6-week-old son (and 3 older boys!) I had such a nice time learning the ropes of caring for an infant - seriously, I'm a rookie mom. I have no experience with newborns and don't even know where to start when it comes to figuring everything out. It was a blessing to have my friend come along side me and allow me to "practice" on her precious baby boy.

5. Chores, Chores, and more Chores:
Now that I am off, I have resumed my responsibilities as the primary cooker and cleaner of the house. I forgot how exhausting it can be to keep-up with everything! Especially now that I'm home all-day, it seems that the dishes are never ending. The moment I'm doing washing and drying a stack of dishes a new stack magically appears! I would love if our next apartment has a dishwasher!

However, I've also been able to make homemade meals and spend more time making more complicated recipes. I was really getting sick of my three "go-to" recipes, so I have been having fun trying out new ones!

6. Relaxing:
This week I have had plenty of time for relaxing. I've started reading The Atonement Child by Francine Rivers (when I'm done I'll be writing a blog about this gem!) I finished Season 6 of How I Met Your Mother. I'm currently working on a craft (and probably failing since I seriously, seriously suck at crafts). My mom has agreed to teach me how to knit (this will be my 3rd or 4th attempt). Hoping that I stick to it this time!

The above photo is proof that I suck at crafting. This is the one attempt of mine at making Cake Pops. I think Daniel made the one that says "Poo"...lol

7. Writing:
I haven't spent as much time working on this as I'd like, but my intention is to spend some time each week writing outside of this blog. I've submitted my first article to be potentially presented in a popular blog called Rage Against the Minivan. This particular blog has a series called "What I Want You To Know", where readers submit articles about life experiences. My particular article deals with a personal story and topic that I have never breached on my own blog. I think my plan is that if it doesn't get published in Rage Against the Minivan by March that I'll post it here. I'll keep you posted on other things that I submit and if anything ends up happening. PS: if you have suggestions of blogs or places that you think I should submit an article to please let me know!

Overall, being unemployed isn't so bad. I'm continuing to pray to God, "what's next?" If his answer is "keep doing what you're doing", I will be completely satisfied!

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  1. You deserve nothing but the best :) Im so glad you are having your own time... and are enjoying it as much as you can.
    I love the photos! We can actually feel that magic feeling you describe.
    Reading everything you post about your marriage and life with your loved one, makes me wanna get married now!!!! ;~ still some years to go tho :(
    xoxox have a lovely wknd!!!


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