Goodbye Bittersweet Sundays!

Most Sundays are so bittersweet for me. I desperately want to enjoy my day, but really I am so focused on my sadness that the weekend is already coming to an end. I also am afraid to "do too much" on a Sunday, because I know I have a full week of work ahead of me.

Not any more!

Yesterday, I was able to enjoy my Sunday without that bittersweet emotion that usually fills my day. Daniel and I spent the entire day together just enjoying our time with one another. For lunch, I made one of my favourite soups: French Onion Soup. I found the recipe on the Canadian Living website. To view the recipe click here.

I have used this recipe on many occasions, and find that it's actually better than many restaurants that offer the soup (at restaurants it tends to be too salty for my liking).

For dinner, Daniel made Potato Casserole, and I made shortbread cookies for dessert! For the shortbread recipe that I used click here.

For most of the day we just relaxed, and we finished the rest of Season 6 of How I Met Your Mother. For any HIMYM fans, this was an amazing season in my opinion! I cried, and almost cried in about 60% of the episodes! This may also be due to the fact that I cry all the time nowadays, but that's a story for another day!

What did you do on Sunday?


  1. I LOVE LILLY AND MARSHALL TOOOOOOOOO. Hahah. I worked all day Sunday! So crazy. So ridiculous, I'm so looking forward to exams being done because I'll have a week off before my family goes to India for Christmas!

  2. The feeling of having a full week ahead always brings me down :( but at least...we are able to do something, I reckon not being able to work or go out or anything its worse. We should always thank the life we have...
    Now I hope you enjoy your free time :D share some recipes (I will too) and get ready for you little one! :D


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