Hearing Baby Bell's Heartbeat

Today we had our monthly doctor's appointment. To be honest, I have been quite dissatisfied with my doctor for awhile now. The place I go to is a "teaching practice". This means that you usually don't see your family doctor, and normally see a resident that is being trained by your doctor. Since I'm pregnant I have been assigned a resident. My problem? I don't like her! I know that sounds mean, but she isn't that friendly and warm. She is clearly learning, so I need to give her I break, I know. But, I'm having my first baby and I want someone I love!

Today, I was given a different doctor (not sure why). This doctor is still female (good), still a resident, but..AMAZING! I'm hoping the office will let me make all further appointments with her. She really made me feel at ease, she was very warm and comfortable to talk to.

This doctor's appointment was simply amazing. I'm now 17-weeks, so I knew I would probably be able to hear the baby's heartbeat. I have been looking forward to this for so long now. It feels like ages ago that I saw my little Baby Bell on the ultrasound, and I haven't felt the baby move yet, so I needed something to hold on to and comfort myself with when I stress and worry about whether baby is growing and thriving (clearly growing considering I have gained 14 pounds).

The Doctor was confident she'd be able to find the heartbeat. So I lay down and waited to hear my sweet baby inside me. It took about 30 seconds, but she found the heartbeat on my right, about 2.5 inches below my belly button. The heartbeat was fast (130 beats per minute), and glorious! However, as soon as it appeared it was gone again. The Doctor laughed and began searching for the heartbeat again. She said the baby was moving around, but she had never experienced such an "active" baby. She found the heart beat again, this time on my left side, and as we listened to the beautiful sound we heard a loud kick. Our little Baby Bell was kicking and squirming about, and on the move again!

It was simply amazing! Our baby was also moving and jumping a lot during my ultrasound at 10.5 weeks. At one point it looked like he or she was doing a head-stand. My husband is very, very, very active (aka: hyper). He was a national gymnast as a boy and teenager, and always has a lot of energy. I am the complete opposite! I have always been very introverted, quiet, and content simply reading a book for hours.

It looks like Baby Bell will be following in the footsteps of his or her Father. Oh boy, I'm going to be one tired mama.

PS: While in the Doctor's Office after hearing the heartbeat, I'm 99% certain I felt the baby move for the first time! It was a soft fluttering, like a little butterfly, which is what I have heard from others that movement feels like (at this stage). The feeling lasted for a brief moment, and was gone, but was definitely worth the wait!


  1. hehehe I got soooo excited while reading this post. It must be such a good feeling, Brianna!
    I love the butterfly feeling when we are in love! She/He must have been happy and I totally believe they know and understand whats going on.
    Try talking to him/her some times...do you do it already???

  2. Hey Gabi! We have been talking to the baby too. We started reading to the baby a few days ago even. And the baby moving is similar to that butterfly feeling you get when in love! both are precious :)


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