My Birthday Weekend!

This weekend we celebrated my 22nd birthday (which was 11.11.11). Friday was my actual birthday, so Daniel and I went to Cora's for breakfast (my favourite)! We drove to Downtown Toronto and went to The Baby Show with my mom.

Here is my favourite birthday picture:
[daniel in a giant baby bouncer at the baby show]

The whole reason that I went to the show was to get free things. I would say I didn't get as much free stuff as I hoped for. Mostly, it was stores selling things. There were lots of different deals, especially on strollers, but I just wasn't ready to buy anything. I did get a subscription to Today's Parent for $15! I really like this magazine because it's Canadian and there are some really good articles in there. I also got an AMAZING free 15-minute massage. This lady really knew how to massage a prego woman! 

[my baby loot. Mostly magazines, lotions, diapers, formula, and baby bottles]

Afterwards, we ate at Joe Bedalli's for dinner. The next morning we drove to Blue Mountain in Collingwood, ON. Here are some pictures from our weekend.

[me in the village, our hotel is behind me]

[the room we stayed in was bigger than our apartment]

[the kitchen in our room! You could make breakfast, lunch, and dinner and save lots of money!]

[this bed was so cozy and have the most amazing sheets!]

[this was the view from our balcony]

[Blue Mountain Village - from our hotel]

Our visit was short but a lot of fun! We both think that The Westin (the hotel we stayed in) was the nicest hotel that we've been to in Canada. The hotel has an Oliver & Bonancini restaurant, so we ate there for dinner. 

This is probably our last hotel stay until the baby is born. It's sad that we won't be able to stay anywhere for probably another year, but we've had a lot of fun these past 6-months travelling and experiencing new things. 

Hope you all had an amazing weekend! 

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  1. Heyy :) Such a lovely place. Glad you had fun ! Keep posting!


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