Wedding Pictures I Never Posted

Somedays I like to reminise and think of my wedding day. Never again will there be a day like this day. A day that cost many thousands of dollars, and hundreds of hours of planning and energy. A day that I believe went beautifully. A day where the love between me and my husband was celebrated by over 100 people.

I was looking at the hundreds of pictures on my computer and realized there are so many pictures I haven't shared. Some are really hilarious and goofy, some are candid, and some just got lost in the pile of other pictures that I did share.

Here are a selection of pictures from our wedding day:

This was right after my make-up was finished. This picture makes me realize how young I am to be married. Some people my age aren't done being kids, some people my age don't even have their own bank accounts. But, some people my age are doing what I'm doing: marrying young, starting a family young, and hopefully becoming empty-nesters young-ish!

This picture just makes me laugh. Hopefully it gave you a good laugh too. Just now I just asked my husband how tall he is so that I could tell you all. His response, "5'5, but if you're writing a blog I'm 5'6." I think Christian (the groomsmen on the right) is about 6'5.

This picture makes me laugh because it's just so "us". We are not perfect, and we do not take perfect pictures, even on our wedding day. What are we even doing here? Why aren't we looking at each other? It's cute that we're holding hands though....

I haven't posted tons of pictures of Daniel and I actually getting married. My reasons? Well, I am mad that the nice part of my hair was hidden, and all you can see is that little blonde curl. Also, I don't love profile pictures of me really, partly because of my large-ish Maltese nose. But, it's a happy picture and a happy moment that should be shared! Also, if you were at the wedding you may have noticed that in that moment I was struggling a bit to get the ring on Daniel's finger. It's hard putting a ring on somebody else, especially with an audience!

I have a hard time remembering which pictures I have shared from our formals. I think I've shared most of them, but this one doesn't look that familiar to me. I loved all of our formal pictures! It was so much fun taking them, even though I had to pee so badly and my feet were killing me (brides-to-be, your shoes have to be comfortable if you want to survive!)

I love this picture of my Nana (Mom's Mom) hugging my mommy. It makes me want to give my Nana a big hug and kiss...

And a few days later we were in beautiful Mexico, at the El Dorado Royale Resort (man, look at that HAIR!) I cut it all off a few weeks later, and don't think it will ever be that long again. Also, this is what I look like make-up-less and without photoshop, unless you were wondering why my husband was with another woman...

Tomorrow is our 6-month anniversary. Happy Anniversary to my handsome, amazing, loving husband. So much has happened to us in only half of a year, and I wouldn't change one thing!
*All wedding pictures taken by Vine Images Inc.

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  1. You look so happy and cute together!!

    I found this quote and want to share with you cos it reminds me of you:

    *A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankroll smaller, home happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten and the future worth living for!*


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