18 Week Bump

Today I am officially 18-weeks. Wow! To me, that seems like a lot! I'm almost half-way there, which is exciting and terrifying at the same time.

I tried, and tried, and tried some more to get a good picture of myself today. However, that just didn't happen. So, since I'm trying to be "real" on this blog I will share anyway.

[Here I am with our little tree]

[another pic of the 18-week bump]

[why does my husband get to be so cute? I love his new haircut]

[Our first tree. Daniel and I made the star at the top together, out of a cereal box..]
[actually...I just painted it. He's more crafty than I am. Proof to come in a future craft post]

[Last but not least...Baby Bell's twin]


  1. Haha love the pictures and the smallness of ur tree :)

  2. Hey Brianna! You are gorgeous, dont worry!
    hahahaha baby bell's twin was hilarious :P
    Your place looks cute and confy...What are you preparing for the little one? I mean...you said you arent bying anything, is it until you know the sex? (sounds like a stupid question...but are there any preparations going on???) As soon as I know the sex I want to send you some brazilian gifts/pressies too! :D

  3. Thanks you guys for the comments!

    Gabi -- we are hoping that we don't have to buy anything ourselves for the baby. My mom will have a shower for us and hopefully we get all of our baby needs there. We have such a small house too, so we won't have room to too much, just the things that are necessary.

    Also Gabi -- I can't find you on facebook because I don't know your last name! haha! Can you send me an e-mail with your full name on facebook. My email is thisrookiewife@gmail.com


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