2 Years & 8 Months

On April 8, 2009 Daniel Bell asked Brianna Miles if he could "court" her.

[April 13 2009]

I use the word court because it's old-fashioned, and has an old-fashioned meaning. To court someone is to have a relationship with someone of the opposite sex, with the intention of marriage in the future. In the 21st Century most 19-year-olds are not courting, but dating. Their intention is not marriage, but sex, and having fun.

On April 8, 2009, my future husband's intention was to one-day marry me. We barely knew each other at this point, only having spent a few weeks talking with one another. But, I knew even before this day that I wanted to marry Daniel.

Today is December 8, 2011. In two years and eight months the following has happened:

May 7, 2009: Daniel tells Brianna that he loves her for the first time. Brianna feels the same.
June 25, 2010: On Daniel's 21st birthday he proposes to Brianna, she says YES!
May 7, 2011: Brianna and Daniel become husband and wife.
September 7, 2011: Brianna takes a pregnancy test and discovers that they are expecting their first child.
May 7, 2012: The due date of Daniel and Brianna's first child (notice that May 7th is a special day for us)

I wasted a lot of time in high school and university. I dated men that I had no intention of marrying. I wasted time on unimporant pursuits and passions. I neglected my relationship with God, I ignored the Lord nudging on my heart. Finally, I started studying the Bible and searching for God in January 2009.

The Lord doesn't waste time. It hasn't even been three years since I crawled back into the arms of my Father, and he has already given me a husband and a child, and a lifetime of beautiful memories.

During these 2 years and 8 months I have grown closer to God, studied his Word and really thirsted for the knowledge that only God can provide.

[November 11 2009]
Books that I received on my 20th birthday, vastly different from my 19th!

During these 2 years and 8 months by vision for my future has completely changed. My values regarding marriage and motherhood have grown and evolved.

During these 2 years and 8 months I have learned to really love my husband like no one else on this earth. It's incredible the relationship that we have, and how deep it is over such a short period of time.

Now, as we prepare to add a new person to our lives, a new person to this world, God is teaching me new things. Our child will arrive shortly after our 3-year "courtship" anniversary. What an extraodinary 3 years it's been!

Note: Please know that although things have happened quickly for us, I'm not recommending or telling people to "hurry up" with their lives. We are in no hurry at all, it's just simply how life has played out for us. We wanted to get married quickly because we loved each other and wanted to spend the rest of our lives together sooner rather than later. Other things, like having a child on our one-year wedding anniversary, weren't intentional on our part, but are certainly intentional on God's. In all things, we pray that our lives will be based on God's timeline, not our own.


  1. Could you recommend any books on courting for a woman?

  2. Hello! Here are some great books that I have read:
    1. I Kissed Dating Goodbye by Joshua Harris
    2. Boy Meets Girl: Say Hello to Courtship by Joshua Harris
    3. 101 Questions to Ask Before you Get Engaged by H. Norman Wright
    4. For Women Only: What You Need to Know About The Inner Lives of Men by Shaunti Feldhan
    5. I Isaac, Take Thee, Rebekah by Ravi Zacharias

    I would also recommend that you read books on being a godly wife and marriage especially if you are in a relationship. :)

  3. Anonymous: I've read "I Kissed Dating Goodbye". Although it is written from a guy's perspective, I found it helpful to understand what courting is.

    Brianna: What a great story you and Daniel have! It is awesome- the ways God has blessed you! It reminds me of Psalm 37:4 - God satisfies the desires of those who delight themselves in Him.
    You are a such a godly role model for all us single ladies. :)

  4. Lol... I was posting my comment at exactly the same time.

    But it's just as well: two positive reviews for Joshua Harris' book!

  5. Great recommendation Lindsay!! I think that Joshua Harris sets a very high example, and godly example for a biblical relationship. He has also written a little book called Sex Is Not The Problem (Lust Is). I found this book SO helpful and practical while dating Daniel, and would recommend it to all single women or women who are courting.

  6. I am also going to put a plug in for Joshua Harris. I too dated men that I had no intention of marrying when I was in my teenage years. At the time I didn't feel as though it was a big deal. Around the time that I was 17, I was recommended "I Kissed Dating Goodbye." At first I thought that I wouldn't like it, because that's not how I had lived out my dating life up until then. After finishing Harris' novel, and his "Boy Meets Girl: Say Hello to Courtship", I realized that I was missing out on the Christian experience of courting, and I wanted to experience it! My husband courted me for two years and we knew within two months, that we were made for each other. I have now been happily married for three years and it is such a blessing!

    I want to thank you so much for all your wonderful posts. My sister actually introduced me to your blog and I read it everyday now. I am also a young wife, and you inspire me to become more invested in my relationship with God and to become the noble wife that my husband deserves! Thank you:)

  7. Brianna, what a beautiful story of yours!
    You look gorgeous together. I took a look at your album on Facey and loved every single photo you get there, mostly when are the two of you. I dont know how to explain, but we certainly can feel all the love between you and...I cant wait to see baby bell with you now :P it seems like that your story wouldnt be thiiiiiis amazing if the baby hasnt arrived at THIS very time, do you know what I mean?
    I do believe its all God's timeline. That has happened with me too. The right person at the right time. Although Im still waiting for the chance to get married :) Well, at least I can get inspired 'following' yours!!!! :D

  8. I love all the comments from this post! Thank you all for reading!! Hi Lindsay Hach, welcome! Thank you for your kind post...I love comments and I love hearing about amazing women who read my blog! Thanks so much for sharing a bit of your story! Would love to hear more. Feel free to add me to FB or e-mail me :)

  9. Even though I don't know you personally, I'm looking forward to reading all about your little family in the coming months! From what I gather of you, you are sweet, genuine, and lovely, and I wish I had more people in my life with those traits!

  10. Hi Danielle, that totally made my night!!! Thank you for such a kind comment!!! You are too sweet :)


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