DIY Painted Rock Gift

I think I've probably already mentioned a few times already that I am making my Christmas gifts this year. At first, I was pretty bummed about giving people handmade gifts. Now, I'm so pumped! Making someone a gift takes way more time than buying a gift, and the amount of thought and heart that goes into a homemade gift is just so special.

The craft I'm showing today is probably not even considered a craft to most people. However, I've had to be really creative and resourceful this year because I can't go out and buy craft material (that defeats the purpose of saving money on handmade gifts!) This craft is so easy to make, and will probably cost you nothing.

Paint (in any colour you choose)
Paint brush
Permanent Marker

I basically painted these rocks white, and wrote little things on them for the special people in my life. It was so simple, but hopefully whoever receives them will like this (and will not read this blog).

[This should say Faith, Hope, Love, but I accidentally scrambled it]

[clearly, this is for my Mom]

[I plan on creating a little nest for this bird and getting some small pebbles and painting them blue]

There's lots more that you can do with these little rock gifts, but I thought I'd share this little idea with you all. And remember, Christmas is all about Jesus, so the pressure that you feel to give people the most amazing gift is silly. I keep having to remind myself that every day. 


  1. Those look REALLY good! I can imagine them on a nice little white plate with some pot pourri around them or something - or even just on their own. They would look great put in a dollar store frame, too.

  2. I'm enjoying reading about your Christmas crafts!

    My favourite thing to make for others is a homemade card, like these:

    (You don't even have to use scrapbooking paper, you could use regular coloured paper.)

    I like to write letters to people, telling them what I appreciate about them/what I've seen God doing in their lives. Encouraging words are always well-received!

    Just found this link. Some of the crafts look difficult, but some are fairly simple.

  3. Thanks guys for your encouraging words and your helpful tips!! I love the potpurri idea for the rocks Sam!

    And Lindsay, I am FOR SURE going to do that homemade card idea. WOW such a beautiful, simple, moving idea. :) Thanks for giving me the tip, and I love the sweet tree card too!

  4. Brianna, that is the cutest little bird. My Nicole loves anything birds. I'm going to try to do that. It is lovely. :)


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