Poll: Is Baby Bell a Boy or Girl?

On Wednesday, December 21 at about 11:00am my husband and I will find out whether we're having a boy or girl! I have always promised myself that I would never, never, never find out the sex of my baby prior to giving birth.

Well, I'm breaking my promise. It's easy to say you won't find out when you're not pregnant yet. I'm pregnant, and I'm finding out. And..I can't wait! I don't care either way if I'm having a boy or girl. I just want to know. We already have names picked out so we can start referring to our baby by name (in private - you guys can wait 'till May - sorry). We can start looking (and not buying) clothes.

So, I'm giving everybody the chance to cast their vote. Is little Baby Bell (BB) a boy or a girl?
Scroll to the bottom of this blog and cast your vote. You can find the poll in the grey box.
Poll closes on December 21st. I will share the sex of Mr or Miss Bell after Christmas.

I've cast my vote...now you cast yours!


  1. Baby Bell is..a girl. And the name you picked is..Sophia? Sophie??? :D We dont have to wait until May :( do be a bad mamma to all of us :'(

  2. To us all* would fit better :P

  3. haha Gabi!! Looks like girl is winning so far!! Sophia is a really cute name, but not the name we picked. We are keeping the name a secret so that it is a nice surprise when the baby is born!

    Gabi -- do you have Facebook? You should add me: Brianna Bell

  4. I dooo! I tried to find you already. Im a bit shy :S and didnt want to ask you that thought. Maybe you would find me a ...weirdo! haha love that word! Any ways....theres too many Brianna Bell !!! :S Send me the link...!
    And im sooo curious about the name and the sex. Its like the baby is mine lol hahaha im always soooo nervous and...anxious and...dunno the word in english...like when you want something to happen as soon as possible .. CURIOUS maybe...

  5. Girl. :))) Lily? Acacia? Cypress? Cassia?

    From Karen, BB's grandma's friend!


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