Pregnancy Symptoms = Baby Girl?

I didn't pay much attention to the gender predicter quizzes or symptoms before I found out the gender of Baby Belle (check out the new spelling of her nickname). Now that I know we're having a baby girl I have been looking at some sites to find out if I am meeting the "traditional" symptoms for a girl.

Symptoms that I have (that indicate girl):
1. Acne: I feel like I'm 14 again. It's not fun.
2. No Hair Growth: I actually have noticed that things like eyebrow and leg hair has "slowed down" in growth. This is GOOD because I have a hard time reaching my legs in the shower.
3. Heartbeat: Baby Belle has always been on the "high-end" of the average heartbeats per minute (over 140).
4. I'm NOT glowing: Remember how you're supposed to be beautiful and glow and have rosy cheeks and clear skin when you're pregnant? Well my baby apparantly missed that memo. This can indicate a girl, because she is "sucking all your beauty".
5. Crave Sweets: I crave fresh juice, and fresh fruits mostly. However, if we buy icecream I can guarentee it will be gone in a day or two. Mmmm, now I am craving a cannolli.
6. Soft Skin: My skin has stayed pretty soft during this pregnancy, which can indicate girl.
7. Carrying all-over: If you are carrying excess weight in hips, rear, and your stomach spreads instead of having the "basketball" appearance you may be carrying a girl. This is REALLY true for me, as I have gained a lot of weight in my lower body.

Symptoms that I have (that indicate boy):
1. Nausea: I had major nausea, especially in my first trimester. I still don't feel great in the mornings, but my nausea is much better. I have heard different things though regarding nausea. Some people say it indicates boy, some say girl. So this one is a toss-up still.

There you have it! According to the "old wives" tales, I am carrying a girl!
Websites I Used:
Baby Center: Knowing your baby's sex
Gender Myths

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  1. c'est tout belle! perfect for baby belle :)
    you could easily make that quilt too - it's just a bunch of 1/4 meters sewn together and sandwiching some quilt stuffing. just get your hands on a sewing machine!


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