22 Week Bump

Here are some pictures of my 22-week bump. Once again, a good picture was basically impossible. I swear I don't look this bad in real life.

[22 week bump..I think I'm pushing out in this one]

[22 week bump...this one is more realistic]

[my husband when he was a baby. I'm going to bet BB is going to be blonde]


  1. :D You do not look bad! I like it! Its groing bigger really quick! ( Im sure you'll get what I meant ) :P Here in Brasil it is quite usual to see other people 'touching' prego's woman and then kind of brushing their hair afterwards with their hand. Its a myth that the hair will grow as fast as the baby!

  2. b.b. bump: You don't look "bad", you look wonderful, beautiful and blessed!! What a wonderful time of your life!!


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