Husband & Friend

[just a few days after we started dating]

My husband and I weren't really friends before we started dating. We knew each other for about 2-weeks before we became "official". About 5-days after we became "official" I started keeping a journal to Daniel that I planned on giving him when we were married. I just knew I wanted to marry him. There is no one on this earth like Daniel. We just go together perfectly.

The other night Daniel and I stayed up reading various journals that I have kept for us. The journal that I wrote when we first started dating is great entertainment. It is filled with hilarious one-liners that can only be written by a girl hopelessly in love. We read the journal I kept while we were on our honeymoon. We couldn't stop laughing when we came across the entry about Daniel's Mexican Injections. We called a Doctor on our fourth night because Daniel had a bacterial infection that had spread to his lungs. In our glorious, peaceful, romantic honeymoon suite, Daniel received TWO injections. One in each cheek (and I'll let you guess which cheeks I mean). $400 later, Daniel was feeling much better. We weren't too worried about the cost until we realized a few weeks later that Daniel had signed us up for the wrong insurance. After that I vowed to always do the paperwork.

Laying in bed with my husband, reading the journals, laughing for hours, I realized that I have a great friend. It probably would have been wise for Daniel and I to hold off on the romance when we first met, and invest in our friendship first. But, the Lord is gracious, and still, I have an amazing best-friendship with my husband.

[basically our life together. 
me: chilling. dan: NOT chilling.]

Sometimes I just look at my husband and my heart seizes up with the amount of love that I have in my heart for this one person. In so many ways, the Lord has used him to restore my hope in mankind. Good men do exist. The kind that erase their wives worries about tomorrow with a simple smile.
The kind that hold the weight of the world on their shoulders and make it look effortless.
The kind that can make you feel at ease when you've lost your job, or your 20-year-old car dies just weeks into your marriage.
The kind of man that makes his wife feel precious.
The kind of man that will make his children feel like priceless gems.

I'm sure our daughter already knows her Daddy's voice, and the feel of his strong hands as he feels her kicks and then jumps up in glee. I can't wait to see the look on my husband's face, the look of pure joy, when he looks at our daughter for the first time. A face like this:

This picture is Daniel's face as I walked down the aisle towards him. Inside I was shaking. My heart wasn't where I wanted it to be. My emotions were all over the map, only moments before Daniel's best man had been taken away by an ambulance after fainting right before I walked down the aisle. In my heart I was so worried about our best man. So worried that this moment wouldn't be special. That Daniel's mind and heart would be preoccupied like mine. I knew when I saw his face that his mind was nowhere but the present, that his heart was only for me. It set me at ease. It reminded me: this is your future.

A life with the most precious man in the world. My best friend.


  1. I love love love your story. It fills me with praise for God to see that there are men and women in this world who love God and want to honour him with their marriage.
    The way that Daniel loves, protects, honours, and cares for you comes through in your writing. :) This is so awesome.

  2. Oh my goodness your sweet story brought me to tears!

    1. And I more than agree! Brianna deserves it and he is also lucky to have met her..:) Best wishes, alwaaays!

  3. This is beautiful.
    I found your blog about a month ago, and have read the majority of your posts...I can relate to you, in ways that I wish I couldn't (like family dynamics, and all that is connected with that!).
    I love reminders that good men do exist...I'm still waiting for mine to show up in my life, so for now, posts like these are my reminders that good men do exist. :)

    1. Laura - glad that you found my blog. God brings us through difficult times in our lives for a reason. For me, I don't think I'd appreciate my husband half as much if I hadn't had such awful experiences with men in the past (my dad, boyfriends, etc). When you meet the man that God has for you I'm sure you'll have that same experience, and it will make falling in love and marriage that much sweeter!

  4. Thanks to everybody who left their sweet comments!!! You guys are too kind!!


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