My Story: Part 2 [Childhood]

I was born on November 11, 1989 around 1:00am via c-section. It was a gruelling 3-days in the hospital for my brave mother, but I finally arrived.

I spent the first 10-months of my life living with 3 precious people: my Mother, my Nana (Grandma) and my Nanu (Grandpa). This is where my special bond grew between my maternal grandparents, and my love for my Maltese heritage (both of my Grandparents are from the island Malta).

Before I was 1-years-old my mother bought our first house, and I started attending Precious Jewels Daycare. The Lord captivated my heart from a young age, and placed me in a community of believers at my Daycare, which was located at Bramalea Baptist Church.

I grew up surrounded by love and affection from many, many people. I was a very happy child. I was also very quiet and enjoyed spending time alone playing with my dolls, having tea parties, and "reading". Nothing really significant happened during my first 5-years. I was just filled with love, in a happy and safe home.

Before I was 1-years-old my Mother took me to Malta for 3-weeks. I'm glad for this experience even though I have no memories of it. We still have a video and lots of pictures from our time in Malta, and it was the only time that I met many of my family members.

My next big trip was to New Brunswick by train when I was 4-years-old. I have many, many fond memories of this place. I felt at home in New Brunswick with the slower pace of life (yes, even I recognized this at 4!) We visited loving family and I remember this as one of the greatest trips of my childhood.

I remained at Precious Jewels Daycare throughout Kindergarten (JK & SK). I felt like I was home there, and will cherish my time at this Daycare because I truly believe it's where the Lord planted a seed in my heart.

My happy childhood taught me 3 important lessons:
1) Children don't need things, they need loving and supportive family. I never once felt deprived of "things", and I didn't have every new toy or gadget on the market. I always felt cherished. I always felt that people listened to my thoughts and feelings. I always felt loved.
2) Children love to explore new places with the ones they love. I was just looking at my photo album and realized that I didn't even share half of the places I travelled to, near and far, as a child. I visited Florida, Malta, Quebec City, Montreal, and New Brunswick. I also visited places close. My mom always took me to plays and children's concerts. We drove to the country and looked at the miracle of the trees changing colour over Fall. The two of us had a lot of fun together and created many beautiful memories!
3) Children like to be touched. I am a very touchy-feely person. I think I know why. I was always held and touched as a child. Even now, sometimes I just need to hold my husband's hand, or hug my Mommy. Children thrive when you hold them, kiss them, and are just plain near them.

Here are some pictures of my first 5-years.

just a few days old, still in the hospital

in Malta around 7-months

I loved pony rides. Proof: my face during a pony ride.

Age 3, at Disney in Florida

Probably the only time I "proudly" wore a bikini...lol!
my Mom and I in New Brunswick. Don't ask about the hair or dresses.

Pure joy with my Mummy



  1. Oh my Godness, you were soo cute!!! You still are :) and blessed! Will Baby Belle look like you??? MMMMM cant wait for the picsss!

  2. haha my prediction is that baby belle will be blonder, with thick curly hair and blue eyes, and probably a bit taller than me. People say my husband and I look like brother and sister (gross!), but we do have similar features so our baby will probably look like both of us.

    I can't wait though to see what my little baby looks like!! Very exciting!!


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