30 Week Bump

I am 30 weeks and 1 day pregnant today! I feel like once I hit 30 weeks the realization that I'm having a baby, and soon, really hit me.

Here are some pictures of my 30-week bump:

[mommy and daddy]

[the wall behind me was supposed to me a photo wall. clearly, I gave up after 1 photo]

[this is one of my fav tops, a hand-me-down from a friend. but, it's getting too small]

Some new things I'm noticing:
- Moving is a lot more difficult. I usually need Daniel to pick things up for me. Rolling over in bed can be painful. Getting out of the bathtub unassisted is nearly impossible. Even walking can hurt.
- I'm getting really short of breath very easily, but this is apparently very normal since my baby is pressing on my diaphragm.
- I can feel the baby a lot, and can even see her movements from the outside. A few times she has pushed really hard and either myself or Daniel has pushed back at the same time. It was so neat feeling her pressing against our hands (I think both times it was her feet).
- I still have weird bursts of energy, but I'm finding that I'm paying for it afterwards with lots of muscle pain.
- I'm having a hard time falling asleep, but once I actually fall asleep I find I'm okay.

And finally...

STILL, I haven't had a stranger touch my belly. I'm going to admit, this disappoints me. On all the pregnancy websites, and all the magazines and books, there are countless articles about "what to do or say" when some random stranger touches your belly. I was expecting this to happen to me all the time, with the frequency in which I read these articles..but NOPE. No strangers touching this belly. I'm disappointed, and a little offended. Is my belly not touchable? I'm sure if/when this happens, I will feel really awkward and weird. Still, I believe it should happen at least once for me. 

That's my little 30-week rant. Did you ever have a stranger touch your belly? Tell me your story so that I can live vicariously through you!


  1. If you were near me, Brianna, just know that not only would I have touched your belly, I would have had a good converstation with that little girl inside you, too!

  2. Sorry - Briana - the cmesfamily is actually me, Barb (Quirie) White.

  3. I would! And its popular over here to touch your hair afterwards ( dunno if ive said it already ), cos people believe your hair will while the baby grows...:D cuuute belly and lovely photos!

  4. it was a bit confusing: I mean OUR hair...like, the strangers who touchs your belly touches their hair after!


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