Baby Belle Looks Like Her Mom

Yesterday, Daniel and I had the pure joy of seeing our little girl at a 3-D Ultrasound. Daniel's Mom took us to the Ultrasound as a Christmas gift, and it was so fun sharing this experience with Belle's Grandma and Auntie (Dan's mom and sister). - note: I accidentally wrote her REAL name in my first draft of this blog. I have to be more careful now! We love calling her by name at home but are working hard at keeping her name a secret from most people!

The clinic that we went to was amazing, the staff was so friendly and the atmosphere was cozy and welcoming (not at all sterile like a hospital). I was nervous about having a 3D Ultrasound because I have heard that it can be "hit and miss", and some of the pictures I have seen online are a bit creepy. But, in the end it was an amazing experience and I feel like I have bonded even more with our precious child.

For the entire ultrasound our little one was being shy and had her hands over her face and head, but we got a few good pictures of her face. She was sucking on the chord, and playing with the chord most of the time. She seems to be quite the gymnast like her Daddy. She had one leg over her face for awhile and was playing with her little toes. We got some amazing views of her beautiful, long legs (I know...long! Who would know?) You could see each of her little toes, and even the arch of her precious foot. Her little legs were so fun to see, she has nice little calves and thigh muscles, and is even growing some chub already!

Her face was so precious to see. We were able to see a lot of definition in her nose, and most people agreed that she has my nose. We even saw her cute little chubby cheeks and pouty lips. I caught a few yawns as well. Nothing can replace seeing your daughter (or son) cuddled so comfortably in your womb. I felt like I was seeing her truly for the first time. I feel like each time we have one of these ultrasound experiences, or pass a milestone, my love for our daughter infinitely grows.

These ultrasounds are only meant for entertainment purposes, but our technician was a diagnostic technician for 20-years and I was able to "pry" some information from her in my sneaky little ways:

- BB is 2.5 pounds
- placenta is still anterior and will likely remain that way, but tech. didn't seem worried at all about that and said it's fine.
- baby is already in perfect position for birth, with her head down, facing my spine. The warm placenta surrounds her back, and she likes to cozy up to it and sleep.
- I saw her moving on the screen, but didn't feel her moving at all. This means that small movements are still not being felt by me (because of my placenta being in front). This comforts me. When I do feel her move (which is still multiple times a day), it's because her movements are much stronger (her feet kicking me, or her head pushing into me as she wiggles and stretches).
- The tech. kept on pointing out the baby's muscular body and saying that she has a perfect body (she said the best she has seen in awhile, but who knows, she could say that to everybody). She said the baby has wonderfully defined muscles, and both of the staff members said that we'll have a "chubby" baby. That is not a surprise based on how I look!

So, without further adieu, I'd like to introduce you to our little Belle:

[these pictures aren't the best quality. I'll try to upload better quality pictures soon.
Top picture: baby belle is hiding, but you can see her cute legs and hand covering her face.
Bottom picture: her face with her hand on her head]


  1. Brianna, that is absolutely miraculous! so amazing what God has created within you - such an overwhelming privelage! I wish they had this technology 10 years ago when I was pregnant with our youngest! (maybe they did, but wasn't readily available??) Anyway, Congratulations again! Lynn

  2. Now all together: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww....
    Nice to meet you Baby Belle ;) And...chubby babies are SOOOOO cute!

  3. Awwwwwwwwww, so beautiful :D
    Congratulations again :D May God bless you in this last little bit :D


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