I Caved [Shoes for Baby Belle]

Yesterday, I caved. I bought my daughter something...for the first time (that's kind of a lie -- I have bought some books too).

We went to Once Upon a Child just to check out what they have. We discovered a box full of Robeez. Before having children was on my radar, I would admire the adorable Robeez whenever I went to Chapters. They are expensive though (usually about $25.00 for a pair)! Some of the Robeez were a bit tattered and dirty, but there were some really nice pairs that were in the packaging, no dirt, looking barely worn.

I picked up a cute pair for $9.50 (6 - 12 month). Daniel fell in love with a teeny-tiny pair of pink moccassions that were $1.50! They seem to be really good quality shoes too, the soles say Made in Canada. Daniel also had to buy Ugg-look-alike Fall/Winter booties that were $4.50 (3 - 6 month I think). Overall, we spent about $15.00 for three pairs of good quality shoes for Baby Belle, and probably won't have to buy her any shoes for the first year!

I'm kind of hesitant to post pictures of my bare belly on here, but this seems modest enough!


  1. Those little pink moccasins are so cute and you have a beautiful pregnancy belly!

  2. Adorable belly! And shoes and clothes are a great second-hand purchase because babies grow so fast.

    It's ok to cave :) She WILL look cute in the little booties.

  3. those pink mocs are to dye for! and she'll LIVE in robeez, so def a good purchase. good call getting 6-12m for the robeez. they fit on the big side, and baby doesn't "really" need shoes before then.
    so fun! and great idea buying 2nd hand!


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