More Pictures of Our Daughter

I thought I'd upload some more (and better quality) pictures from our 3D Ultrasound. Note: the placenta is in front, which is why you see that cloudy-ness all around her (she is cuddled up to the warm placenta). Also, the umbilical cord is all over the place, even on her face (she was sucking on it at some points). This is why her face sometimes looks blurry. 

Here they are...

future gymnast? love the big toe!

gotta love the nose and arm over her head! Umbilical cord is over her mouth here.

crossing her legs like a little lady. Love her cute legs and bum!

Today is my last day in the second trimester! I'm so excited to be "graduating" to the final third trimester!!


  1. Look at her strong leg! ;) And the nose is SO you, seriously! Very very cute!

    1. I forgot to put my name ;P by Gabi


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