A Poem for Baby Belle

This morning I was reading through an old journal that I kept when I first started getting back into God's Word (January 2009). There are a few poems in there, and I found one that I wrote for my future daughter. At the time I was not married, engaged, or even dating anyone. This was a few months before I even met Daniel.

Here is an excerpt of the poem

The Things I Long For

Father, when the time is right, I ask you for one thing.
That through me, you can pour out your mercy and grace.

That you can give me a gift, a child so sweet.
That she can see her parents embrace.
That she can press her lips to her Father's cheek.
That her Mother can be gentle and sweet.

For this I ask you Lord.
That when the time is right, this little girl of ours will know the love of her earthly and heavenly Father.

This I pray, in your Holy Name. Amen.

Clearly, I'm not really a poet or anything, but when I read the poem to my husband I could see tears in his eyes, and I was to thankful to my Lord for answering the prayer of this broken, undeserving 19-year-old girl.

Little did I know that I'd meet my prince only a few months later.
Little did I know that we'd fall in love so quickly, and marry only two years later.
Little did I know that I'd discover I was pregnant on our four-month wedding anniversary.
Little did I know that I'd be pregnant with the sweet little girl I'd prayed for three years earlier.

Really, there is so little that I know.
Thank you Jesus for giving me such a wonderful and exciting life.
Thank you for giving me a loving and caring Daddy for my little girl.

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  1. this is sweet :) I keep gratitude journal that I like to read over when I feel like God isn't listening. When I look back on it there are only about three weeks between a really desperate/hurt prayer about Mike not proposing to me yet, and a very excited entry about how he finally did, and how it was perfect the way he did it. So it's awesome to see some of the things we long for come into alignment with God's plan. :) I'm praying now for a baby too. :) I think your little girl will love to know that her mama prayed for her before she was even a twinkle in a twinkle in your eye!


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