Selling Your Junk & Making Money

Since I lost my job I have been trying to find some ways to make a bit of extra cash. After a few months of researching, I have found some great ways to get rid of junk and make some money.

1. New2You: Located in Hamilton, these people are great to sell electronics to (check the website for a list of what they are buying). We usually sell them DVD's, and Video Games. They pay between $5 - $7 for a TV Show on DVD, more if it's Blu Ray. For Video Games they pay usually between $5 - $20. For just regular DVD's they pay only $0.50, or more if it's Blu Ray.

We have made about $250 just selling small electronics at this place!

2. Plato's Closet: This place will buy your Youth and Young Adult clothes, books, DVD's, and accessories. Recently I emptied out my closet at my mom's house and filled 3 garbage bags full of clothes. They don't take everything, but I know they like really good quality stuff like Lululemon or TNA clothes, and they love hoodies.

They took about half a garbage bag full of clothes and we made $62

3. Once Upon a Child: This store is great for used baby and kids stuff, you can find almost anything here! I haven't sold anything here, although one day I probably will. I have found really good quality shoes for cheap here, and I bought a copy of What To Expect In The First Year for $6.00. You can find lots of books here for really cheap!

4. The Book Nook: If you love reading and have a ton of books, why not check out a used book store? They don't usually pay cash, but they will give you a store credit for books that you "trade-in". You can always sell the books back to them also. I've traded in lots of books at The Book Nook in Downtown Burlington, but you can find used bookstores anywhere!

5. Kijiji & Craigslist: I have tried, unsuccessfully, to sell things on Kijiji. I don't really have the patience for these sites, but I know lots of people sell things and buy things from both Kijiji and Craigslist. You might be able to make more money on one of these sites, as opposed to selling to New2You or another store, but I think it can be harder to find buyers for things like DVD's and used clothes.

6. Garage Sales: I have been working on cleaning out my mom's house and setting aside a pile of things that could be sold in a garage sale. My plan is to have a garage sale sometime this summer and hopefully get rid of a ton of junk, and make some cash! You can make a few hundred dollars in one day; who doesn't like the sound of that?

7. Freecycle: This is another great website for unloading your junk, but this time you don't make any money. You can also get some great stuff for free too. My favourite way of "working" Freecycle is by giving stuff away and requesting something that I need. It's hard to get something good otherwise, because usually people beat you to the good stuff. I once requested Lost Season 2, and got that for free. So, try requesting instead of waiting for something good...because that won't happen.

What are you tips for making money off of your old junk?

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  1. I reckon if I do that once, I will get rich! One day I'll try to sell some of the manyyyyy unecessary junk Ive got. Lets see how it will turn out. Dont think they would pay much though. Ive got countless teddy bear that I had to 'leave' at dad's farm because of: 1- my age. 2 - my room isnt big enough to keep all those cuties. Im now curious to see how many stuff I left back there...Yes, I will get rich! :P


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