Sharing My Life with Him

Today is Valentine's Day, so naturally I feel the need to gush about my love for my husband. I'm not hugely into V-day, but I will take the opportunity to tell the world why I love being married to my best friend in the whole world.

1. He tells me I'm beautiful. Despite the huge, nasty, big stretch marks that cover my body (graphic, but true). Despite the way that my body has completely changed and transformed in 6-months. Depsite it all, and even because of it, my husband thinks I'm beautiful. He tells me every day. He shows me every day. I am beautiful in his eyes, and this has given me the boost of confidence I've needed so many times lately.

2. We laugh all the time. We are silly. We are sometimes a bit immature. Behind closed doors, we are truly ourselves. We are always laughing and having fun. I love that we have a playful marriage, and that we never grow bored of being together as both friends and lovers.

3. We talk about everything. Never have I had someone to share every thought and feeling with, as I do my husband. Since getting married I truly feel I have someone that I can share my life with. We have gone through a lot in these short 9-months, but never has an emotion or feeling gone uncommunicated. I love that my husband listens and longs to know my heart.

4. We're both Pregnant. Never once have I felt alone in my pregnancy. We are both pregnant, and my husband has clearly shown this to me from Day 1. Every time I ran to the bathroom to throw up, whether it was 9pm, 2am, or 7am, my husband was there to hold me and help me. My husband has eagerly attended every doctor's appointment, even watching me get a Pap Smear (awkward but hilarious). He's talks to our daughter every chance he gets, he holds her and feels her kicks multiple times a day. We are becoming parents together, and it's amazing.

5. We worship together. We seek to worship the Lord with our lives, and we do this as one. We long to serve the Lord individually, but also as a couple. Our ministry to the Lord is simply that: ours.

6. We do life together. It's been so important in our marriage to remember to keep unity in our marriage. Everything about us as a couple is about togetherness and oneness. As a young married couple it's crucial that we know who we are as a couple, what our mission is in our marriage, and who/what our priorities are (Jesus, # 1 and Spouse, # 2). Without this mindset we would have easily crumbled under the constant criticism we've experienced in our young marriage. Oneness is key, and something I pray that we always, always have in our marriage.


  1. You two are truly inspiring,
    Thanks for sharing!
    God bless <3

  2. That photo is sooooooo cute! ;) Your mum looks amazed! ( its your Mum, right??? )
    Happy Valentine's Day! ( In Brasil we celebrate it in June! )


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