34 Week Bump

Today I'm officially 35-weeks (only 5-weeks to go!!) I thought I'd share some pictures from my Baby Shower last Sunday. It was so much fun and I was so blessed by all of my friends and family that came. Thanks Mom for hosting such a great shower!

me at 34-weeks

love this picture of the three of us

yes, those are Juicy Couture bibs. Thanks to my Mom's friend from work, she also has Juicy socks, and a Juicy hooded towel that feels like heaven.

opening some gifts!

There are lots more pictures but my computer is acting funny, so that's all for now! Tomorrow we do it all over again, with my second shower!! Baby Belle is loved.


  1. Hi Bri! Wow...Baby Belle is a big girl! It looks like a twin pregnancy! You look lovely as always and that photo of the three of you is just so cute!

    1. haha...gee thanks ;)

      She is for sure growing...I'll post more pictures after my next shower because she's dropped quite a bit and is now sitting much lower (which hurttss sometimes!)


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