God Lessons in Pregnancy

I'm almost 35-weeks pregnant. There was a time in my pregnancy when 35-weeks sounded like a long, long ways away. Now, I'm here, and I only have 5-weeks to go. Funny enough, 5-weeks sounds ages away to me now!

This pregnancy has been an amazing blessing and a real trial, all at the same time. It has been relatively uncomplicated and quite stress-free (minus the horrible first trimester morning sickness). It has also been exhausting and demanding physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

God has taught me a lot in these weeks. Here are some God lessons I've learned in my 34.5-weeks of pregnancy.

Never Put Away The Bible
This has been huge. When the Bible starts to collect dust, my heart starts to become more anxious and my mind becomes consumed with an ungodly attitude. God's Word penetrates my soul and convicts me of my sin. His Word gives me hope when I am in complete despair. His Word gives me life, it shows me true beauty, and teaches me about love. Read an inspiring post about God's Word in various seasons of your life here.

Getting On Your Knees Is Not An Option
When you're pregnant, getting on your knees is really the last thing that you want to do. But, God has showed me that having a healthy prayer life is crucial, for all my life. There were moments when all I could do was cry out to God, and beg the Holy Spirit to pray for me (especially when my head was in the toilet the majority of the day). But, I cannot be begging God just because I'm at my breaking point. I need to be constantly begging the Lord to guide me, lead me to him, and rescue me from myself.

Dirty Dishes Can Wait
I have no idea when this happened, but I am a clean freak. I wasn't always like this (just ask my Mom or my university roommate). But, since I got married I have hated dirt and clutter and like everything to be in it's place, at all times. The more I clean, the less I can tolerate any sort of mess. But, there have been stages in this pregnancy where I simply cannot keep up with my own "clean expectations". I've learned I cannot put those expectations on my husband, and I must simply embrace the mess.

My Husband Cannot
Dirty dishes can wait, but my husband should never be put on the back burner. Some days I would obsess so much on keeping a clean house, and making a healthy meal, that my poor husband would be left in the lurch. I will say this as plainly, and as clearly as possible: husbands are okay with take-out and a messy house. They would rather you spend your energy serving them in other ways (if you catch my drift). Nuff' Said.

Embrace This Time
Being home has really taught me to embrace each moment with gratitude. Each time my daughter kicks, I get excited and take a moment to feel her and cherish her movements. Lately, she has been moving a lot, but I pray that this next month or so I never ignore her. Acknowledging her presence is just too precious to me. Talking to her, sharing my heart and my joys with her, it's just too important.

a picture from my shower this weekend. Don't you love the handmade sweater and hat my Mom knit?

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