Guests in a Small Apartment

Right now my husband and I live in an apartment that is probably under 500 square feet. It is extremely small, but somehow we make it work and we actually love living here.

When we first moved here we thought we'd never, ever be able to accommodate an overnight guest in our home. After nearly a year in this apartment, we've found ways to host many guests, and have never felt cramped with our guests.

To resolve our one-bedroom issue, we simply have a blow-up mattress (that's actually quite comfortable) that we set-up in our living room for our guest. We've had friends and family (even a friend who is 6'5) sleep comfortably on this make-shift bed. It does it's job, and we're thankful that we're able to have friends over for the night whenever they need a place to stay.

However, as we approach a move to a 2-bedroom house, and the addition of a little baby into our family, we are beginning to have another dilemma. It's quite possible that we'll be moving to a far enough location that friends and family won't be able to sleep over for a simple night, but may need to stay for multiple days or even weeks.

Where do we put these people, especially if there is more than one person?

For now, our guests have all been young and able to sleep in a blow-up mattress. Would I be comfortable putting my Mother in a blow-up mattress for 2-weeks? No, thank you! 

So, what do we do? The simple solution would be to have either a futon or a bed in our daughter's room. We could either have our guest(s) sleep in the spare bed, or give them our bed and sleep in the spare bed (probably depends on how annoyed they'd be sleeping in the same room as our infant daughter).

We'll keep our blow-up mattress for the youngsters who can handle a bed like that for a few nights (yes, that means you Allie). But, for now it seems that the combined baby/guest room is the best option for us.

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  1. The first picture should be the perfect idea! What a lovely bedroom!


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