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Now that we've settled on our girl's name (well, we settled on it a few months ago actually), I find myself thinking about really unique names that I love. There are so many names out there, and although not every name is meant for your child, it doesn't mean it's not a beautiful name!

Here are some girls' names that I love...

For a boy...Whitsun

I actually find boy names way harder. We have our boy name picked out already (the name we had if Baby Belle was Baby Bell). However, I just love the name Whitsun (Whit for short). I love the sound of it, and it means "White Sunday", which is just a beautiful and powerful meaning.

What are some unique names that you love?

PS: I came across this picture and thought...I could say my Baby Belle looking like the girl on the left. Such precious little cuties!

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  1. I love the name Felicia. Thats how my daughter will be named, well, if I have a girl in the future.. :)


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