38.5 Week Bump

I officially have 11-days until my due date. Praying that Baby Belle decides to arrive in the next 11-days, but asking God for peace regardless of when she arrives!

It seems like my bump is not growing at the speed that it was a month ago (phew!) But, here`s an updated picture of 38.5 weeks.

38.5 week bump

My face is not in this picture because I haven`t washed my hair for a couple of days (but I do have bath`s still!) I just don`t have the energy to stand in a tub for that long...

Each day it seems there is some new change to my body that shows signs of pre-labour. At my last doctor's appointment I was 1cm dilated! I'm experiencing real contractions daily (according to my midwife if the contractions are painful they aren't braxton hicks). The baby is in a head-down position, but she's only dropped about mid-way. She is getting very, very heavy!

My blogging will probably be pretty sporadic since it's hard for me to sit in a chair and type, but I'll try to keep updating!!

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