The Growth of the Baby Bump

I thought I'd post some pictures of my baby bump over the past few months. It's so funny to look at my bump from a few months/weeks ago, and see the difference. I thought I was huge before, but clearly I didn't know what was coming!

11.5 weeks
hilarious to see this now!!

16 weeks

24 weeks
really started to look pregnant around now




Each day I feel like I'm getting a bit bigger. I compared two bare-belly pictures from today and last week, and I'm significantly lower now. Simple things like walking, going up the stairs, climbing in and out of bed, and rolling over in bed are really, really difficult for me. 

approximately 26-days until she arrives!!

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  1. What a beeeeautiful pregnant woman you are! :) I might go back to FB soon, although you wont have that much of free time for social networks in some weeks.. lol ... I will let you know any way! :)


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