A Bell Family Update

I realize it's been awhile since I've talked about what is going on in our lives and our plans for our future, so for anybody who is interested, here is an update on our growing family.

Daniel Graduated!
My superhero husband graduated with his Honours Bachelor of Arts in Religion & Theology! This semester he was a near straight-A student (he got one B+ and I had to laugh my head off when he shouted "NOOO"...what a nerd).

He managed to get an A- average, despite the fact that his wife is pregnant and jobless, he had to work hard this semester to make money, he traveled across Canada and search far and wide for a ministry job, and he was hospitalized twice with the flu. I'm proud of this man.

We're Moving!
We have known that we'd be moving out of our apartment in Ancaster for a few months, but we weren't sure where. We've decided to move in with my Mom for the Summer and save some money for our future. Right now, we're packing up and slowly bringing things to my Mom's house. Our lease ends on May 31st, so once the baby comes we will head straight over to my Mom's from the hospital, and Daniel will finish the packing before the 31st (it will only take a day).

We're sad to leave our first home. We're excited for our future. We're pumped that we get to spend the Summer in Burlington, which is personally my favourite city EVER! I'm so glad that my Mom gets to spend the first few months loving-on her Granddaughter and helping me out with our baby. Living with your parents (or parent) isn't always everybody's "ideal", but my Mom has been my closest friend and confidante since I was a child, and having her be a part of our life in this way is the most precious gift I could ever receive!

The Baby Is Coming...Soon!
I have every single sign of pre-labour. Even though I'm not in labour, I comfort myself each morning by reminding myself that today I am closer to the birth of my daughter than yesterday. In two-days we will celebrate our 1-year wedding anniversary, and the due date of our daughter. Perhaps she'll already be here, but I'm also willing to admit that there's a good chance that she won't be.

But, she will be here. Maybe today, maybe tomorrow, or maybe in a few days. Either way, she is going to be here really, really soon! In the meantime, I'm keeping myself busy with lots of walks, spending quality time with my husband, and going on fun little adventures.

There is one more really amazing update to share, but unfortunately it has to wait another week. I'm excited to enter this new chapter of my life as mother and pastor's wife.

I'm excited for this summer, and can't wait to have fun in Burlington with my growing little family. I'm planning on making jam, canning peaches, creating a fun living space in my mom's basement, and learning to sew. I can't wait to share it all with you on my blog!


  1. adorable pic of you two!
    sounds like a great summer is ahead for you!
    i think living with your mom is a great choice - you and dan seem to have your own space (basement) with the bonus of all the help you could need. and it works for you because of the unique relationship with your mom, too!
    so happy for you guys!

  2. I have to agree that this must have been the best option so far. I mean...its amazing that you can count on your mum... and Im pretty sure she will enjoy having this 'grandma' time for a while! Having her next to you right now will do you good... and you will get to learn a looot too...
    Things totally happen as they come, right?
    It will work out! Im excited for your future updates... :)



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