FAQs [about Penelope]

I receive a lot of the same questions from friends, family, and strangers about our baby Penelope. I thought I'd answer some of these questions on here in case anyone else is interested in learning more about baby Penny and how she's been doing the past 11-days!

Is she a good baby?
This question makes me laugh because aren't all babies good? But, she is a good baby (in terms of feeding, sleeping, and...well basically that's all she does).

Does she latch well?
YES! She has a great latch. I wish I could show you a video of my first time breastfeeding when she was about 1-hour old, but then you'd see my boob..so that's not happening. She has had a great latch from the beginning and she eats really well. Almost all babies lose weight in the first few days, so Penny went down from 8 pounds 9 ounces to 7 pounds 14 ounces. By the time she was 8-days old she was 8 pounds 11 ounces, which is really amazing and means she's getting lots to eat! I'm guessing right now she's about 9 pounds.

Does she sleep in the night?
Yes and no. She sleeps at the most, 5-hours straight (when she does this in the night it's like the most amazing thing in the world). She also "cluster-feeds" at night, although lately she's been starting her 5-hour stretch of sleep at about 11PM.

Does breastfeeding hurt?
I thought I would hate breastfeeding. There are 3 reasons why I chose to breastfeed: it's best for baby, it's free, and it's easy. I was terrified though. Amazingly, things have gone really well and breastfeeding hasn't hurt too much. The first few days it's a huge learning curve, and I'm still learning lots. But, I'm finding that I enjoy breastfeeding (but I like sleeping better, so in the night it gets kinda old).

Are you healing well? 
Yes, I guess. Huge progress has been made in 11-days, but that doesn't mean I'm still not uncomfortable. I'm told it takes about 6-weeks to fully recover.

Is Penelope named after someone?
No. We like unusual names, with lots of syllables, and we tend to prefer Greek-names as well (of the 4 names we like, 3 were LONG Greek names). Daniel chose the name Penelope about 2-years ago, and although I wasn't sold at the time, I am in love with the name now.

Will you call her Penny?
As much as I'd like to say, "No!" the answer is Yes. Penelope is such a pretty name, but sometimes I find myself calling her Penny because it's cute and easy. Lots of family and friends call her only Penny, which is fine, but I hope I don't get into that habit since we did name her Penelope.

Who does she look like more?
This is a hard question. When she was born she looked a lot like Daniel, but now she's starting to look more and more like me. I think she has Daniel's mouth and facial expressions, but she for sure has my nose and face shape. Her eyes are starting to turn a darker blue, which is more like me. Her hair is quite blonde, and I was born with dark brown hair, so she takes after Daniel in that respect. She also has the cutest bum chin which she gets from my side of the family (my Grandpa, Uncle, and Cousin all have one). I think her size is thanks to lots of Tim Horton's Apple Fritters.

Do you still want four children?
No! I don't even want 2-children right now. It's too soon to think about that, but I think that with time I will eventually be able to consider another. I now realize that it's better to be a loving and godly wife and mother to a smaller family, than a frazzled and stressed wife and mother to lots of kids. I want to give all moms of multiple children an award and a spa day.

What's your favourite thing about being a mommy?
Quiet moments with my daughter. Usually they happen while breastfeeding. Just holding her, cuddling her, memorizing her face and singing silly songs to her. Sometimes I'm so overwhelmed I just want to "check-out". But, when I look at her face and feel her body nestled against mine I tell myself that this is just a moment. This time with her, when she's so small that she fits into my arms, and she's so needy that simply being against my body soothes, it will be gone in a blink. Soon she's be crawling away from me, then she'll be running, and this precious little baby will become a person of her own. It's hard, really hard, to simply enjoy and relish these moments when you're exhausted and can't eat or pee because you have a hungry baby. But, the moments that I just let her beauty sweep over me and I take time to thank God for this miracle are the moments when I feel the most joy, the most energy, and the most endurance. 


  1. I loved getting to know a bit more about your little one... :)

    1. thanks Gabi -- she is a wonderful baby and we just love getting to know her more and more each day!

    2. No doubts! Looking forward to the next posts! ;) Good luck with everything, brand new mama!


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