Happy One-Year Anniversary: 12 Memories

*Still no baby, but here's a blog I wrote and forgot to publish a few days ago*

Daniel & I celebrated our one-year wedding anniversary this past Monday. May 7, 2011 was such a precious day for both Daniel and I, but the past year it seems that each day gets better and better. I could never have dreamed where God would take us this year, but here we are...one year later!

To celebrate this special day, I thought I'd reflect on some of our favourite memories of the past year.

1. Walking Down The Aisle With Him: No, I don't mean walking down the aisle towards my future husband. I mean walking down the aisle with my new husband. It was an unforgettable and joyful moment. All I could think was "we did it!"

2. Our Honeymoon: I have never been to a tropical paradise, and to be honest, I'm so thankful I didn't get to travel to a resort until I was married to my husband. It was glorious, amazing, magnificent, and words can truly not describe how beautiful and wonderful our honeymoon was. Those 7-days will forever be engraved in our hearts and minds, and we frequently reminiscence about those amazing days.
PS: anyone who isn't married --spend money on your honeymoon, not your wedding!! A wedding day is beautiful yes, but it's also overwhelming and difficult to fully enjoy. A honeymoon is just about you and your husband, and it's something you can truly enjoy and remember forever!

3. Lazy Beach Days: Port Dover is a beautiful beach near our home. This summer we went there many times, and had a blast laying around the beach all day (and throwing around our gigantic blow-up ball!)

4. Bedtime Cuddles: One thing we promised to one another is that we would always go to bed together. For the most part, we have gone to bed each night together. We usually spend about an hour just cuddling and talking about our day, or playing fun games we make up. I love these moments.

5. The Distillery District: Another great spot that Daniel and I discovered this past summer was the Distillery District in Toronto. It's our spot to hang-out, and we love it there! 

6. Making Crafts: This Christmas most of our gifts were homemade. My husband is actually very visually artistic (and I am not!) We had lots of fun working on little crafts together and creating gifts for our family members. 

7. Weekend Trips: Another tip to newlyweds: go on as many weekend trips as possible! Instead of gifts, use money to go away for the weekend! There are tons of deals to be found, and we had a blast going on many weekend getaways. It is always such a treat, and we loved exploring new restaurants, going to the arcade, walking around cute little villages, and doing fun touristy stuff!

8. Lunch at The Lakehouse: We discovered a gorgeous restaurant in St. Catharines called The Lakehouse. Eating at this place makes you feel like you're being transported to a different country. You can look out at the lake, and in the summer even sit on the patio overlooking the water. This place is heavenly and special to us as a couple. 

9. Falling In Love With The Hunger Games: My husband does not read, so it was a pure joy when he actually discovered a book series that he loved! Together we read The Hunger Games and went opening night to see the movie.

10. Getting Fired (I mean..laid off): I still remember the moment I saw my husband after I was let-go. I ran into his arms and burst into tears, and having him hold me was the most comforting thing in the world. As I cried, I couldn't help but feel a rush of relief and anticipation. It was over.  I haven't written much about the experience I had working at Redeemer and my being laid-off, but my husband and I both walked through a great trial for the last months that I was employed. Getting laid-off was one of the greatest reliefs, and the positive change it had on our marriage was incredible. I was able to be an attentive and loving wife, and greet Daniel each day in-between classes. We had unforgettable "lazy" afternoons together, something we truly needed as we prepare to become parents. I'm grateful for the past 6-months that we've spent together (nearly 24/7). I'm going to miss my Beloved when he goes to work full-time. 

11. Celebrating Our Anniversary This Weekend: This weekend we celebrated our anniversary by going out lots (probably our last time we can freely do this before the baby arrives too). We went to Dundurn Castle and toured this amazing historic site, we drove to Springridge Farms and had pie, we visited 3 very old churches in Hamilton, and had lots of fun dinner dates.

12. Finding Out We're Pregnant: I didn't write much about the baby because our anniversary is about us as a couple. But, the reality is, we're going to be parents very, very soon to the most special and beautiful daughter! I remember the day I peed on that stick and called you to the bathroom. "I'm pregnant!!!" You didn't believe me at all, which was hilarious. We made videos of our "reactions". I was scared and worried what people would think, but could barely contain my excitement. You just stared blankly at the camera and barely said a word (except, that you hoped we were having twins..HA!) We have come such a long way and our love for our daughter has grown into an undying, unconditional, and enduring love. 


  1. such beautiful memories.

    Congrats on your 1 year Brianna & Dan!

  2. Parabéns! :)
    Do I need to say Im getting nervous its taking sooooo long for her to be born???
    C'mon Baby Belle! And...how come most of the people guessed she would be born after May 7? Pff :/ I was so convinced she would make the best gift on the best date ever!!
    Any way, now I guess...tomorrow!


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