Jesus & Newborn Care

I don't think it's really a secret that caring for a newborn is hard work. But, as a new mom, there is really nothing that can prepare you for the mental, physical, and emotional marathon of motherhood.
While I was pregnant, one of the most valuable pieces of advice that I received was that despite the exhaustation, it's incredibly important to remain steadfast in God's Word.

I'm only 6-days into motherhood, but I must admit that the times that I've felt most energized, refreshed, encouraged, and strong are the times that I have listened to this advice. My time with Jesus certainly doesn't look like it did a week ago, but the important thing is that I cling to Jesus for the strength I need each day.

Daniel and I have found that spending some time just the two of us and our bibles is incredibly powerful. As new parents with no experience with an infant, we are officially the rookiest of the rookies. These last few days we have learned how to hold a baby, how to pick up a baby, how to change a diaper, how to file the tiniest (and sharpest) nails, how to bathe a baby...and the list goes on. Thank you Jesus for giving us the perseverence to learn this all so quickly, and for bringing us together in unity. The quiet times we spend together praying and basking in scripture have been the key to our endurance.

Each day we fall more and more in love with our daughter. How could we not fall on our knees daily in wonder and awe at this beautiful creation that God has given us? He knit our baby daughter in my womb and brought her into this world a perfect masterpiece. If anyone can give us the strength and power to care for this little life, it is Him.

and, because I can't really write a post without including some pictures of my squishy, chubby, fun little gift from God, here she is:

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  1. Oh wow, she does look like him a LOT. So precious!


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