Waiting for My Baby Girl

Today is May 12, 2012, and our little girl is still happily snuggled in my belly. If you had asked me a few months (or even weeks) ago if I'd be pregnant today, I would had said... HECK NO.

Clearly, I don't know anything.

I was praying and hoping for my daughter to be born on May 1st. I really wanted her to be born that day. For the past 12-days, I have been praying and hoping she'd be born TODAY. But, I'm also learning patience and to trust in the Lord.

I've been in "hiding" since the due date. It's really really hard telling people over and over again: nope, no baby. Trust me: when she arrives, you will know.

Here is an update:

- currently 5-days over-due. Apparantly, 90% of women who go over their due date deliver within 7-days. I have a feeling I'm going to be the lucky 10%.
- I have a very painful pregnancy rash called PUPPS. It is another reason I'm in hiding. It hurts. It makes it difficult to do anything. It makes it difficult to be patient. PUPPS is not harmful to either myself or the baby, but it is very painful and annoying. It will be gone shortly after the baby arrives, another reason I'm very eager to have her.
- baby is completely healthy and very active. It is very normal for babies to over-stay their welcome. It is completely healthy too, but I will be induced after about 10-days if need-be.
- I continue to have lots of sporadic contractions, and feel lots of different things that signal the baby is getting ready to arrive. But, I have been having these little "hints" for about two-weeks, so I haven't started the car just yet..

If you could, please pray that our little one arrives safely and soon (and that I too remain healthy). Please pray for my patience and endurance in these last few days. Please pray that my PUPPS would be manageable and not too painful.

That's all. I probably won't update again until Baby Belle arrives. Thanks for all your encouragement and eagerness to welcome our baby girl into the world!


  1. oh girl. I remember that well, both times. it's SO hard to wait. and after both births I remember also thinking "wow, I had it SO easy before this little baby came into my life", so if that helps at all, think about how these are your last days of being able to be just a couple and alone and have quiet when you want it, etc.

    but oh. the wait. is. awful.

    praying SO hard for you go to into labour TONIGHT and then that your beauty is born on Mothers Day :)

  2. Your "clearly I know nothing" comment literally made me laugh out loud. So cute. You'll find once she's here you know nothing about a lot of things. But also that you do know a lot about other things. Maybe she was waiting until today (Mother's day) to let you "pop" as they say... Her ,other's day gift to you! Hopefully - good luck!


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