A Bell Family Update: Daniel's Job

Earlier this month I blogged about about some family updates. I left out one bit of news that we're not ready to share publicly...

Daniel has a new ministry position!

The past few months have been a roller-coaster of emtoions as Daniel has applied and interviewed for a few ministry roles. For awhile we thought that God may have us in another province, but it turns out God wants us in Burlington, the town that we're currently living in. YAY!

Daniel's job starts in July, where he will be serving as Youth Pastor at Compass Point Bible Church. His position is actually a two-year internship. He will be working full-time (40-hours/week), which also includes time spent working on his Master's Degree in Theological Studies at Heritage Seminary.

We are so thrilled for the opportunity to serve in a church that is so Christ-centered and biblically-focused. It's not easy to find a ministry position where your vision and values are mirrored at the church, but we feel that we've found exactly that at Compass Point (or rather, God has made it so!)

Thank you to everybody for your prayers and support as we have embarked on this job-seeking journey.

Note: A portion of Daniel's income is to be raised through gathering a "support team". This means that individuals who are interested can make a monthly charitable donation (of any amount) to the church to support our family and ministry. This donation is tax-deductable. If you are interested in joining our support team please feel free to e-mail me at thisrookiewife@gmail.com and we'd be happy to share with you more about this opportunity.


  1. Briii..your blog looks just beautiful!!! :) And Im so glad everything is work out for you two !!!

  2. is working out***


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