Dear Daddy

Penelope asked me to write a letter to her Daddy for Father's Day, so here it is!
Dear Daddy,

Thank you for loving me the moment mommy showed you that weird stick she peed on.
Thank you for holding mommy's hair every morning that she puked when I was in her tummy.
Thank you for going to every doctor and midwife appointment, and jumping for joy every time you heard my little heart beating.
Thank you for being there when the lady told you, "it's a girl", but you already knew I was a girl, because you're such a smart Daddy.
Thank you for promising to protect me, the moment you saw my long slender legs in the 3D ultrasound. I'm going to need you to protect me for many, many years.

Thank you for crying when you saw the movie Courageous. Thank you for promising to be a godly husband and father.

Thank you for holding mommy when I was ready to come out of her belly.
Thank you for driving fast to the hospital.
Thank you for feeding mommy ice chips all day, she says her breath probably smelled bad but you kissed her any way.
Thank you for helping mommy give birth to me fast. It was scary, but I'm really healthy now.

Thank you for holding me for the first time and giving your heart to me.
Thank you for changing my first poopie diaper, and many more after that.
Thank you for holding me all night those first few nights. I was really hungry and just needed some cuddles.
Thank you for kissing me lots, even if I scream and cry sometimes. Mommy says your beard scratches her too.
Thank you for listening to me. I have a lot to say.
Thank you for burping me and letting me puke down your back lots. Sometimes I drink too fast.

Thank you for singing songs with me about Jesus.
Thank you for praying for me and my future.
Thank you for reading God's Word to me.
Thank you for doing Children's Devotions with me, even though I'm only a newborn. I'll understand one day.

Thank you Daddy for being so wonderful to me. Mommy says that this year she is so happy to celebrate Daddy's Day with you. In the past, she would sometimes be a bit sad on this day, but you have made it joyful for the both of us.

You are my favourite cuddle bear always and forever!


Penelope Rose


  1. Thank you Penelope (and Mommy) I love you both so very much! :)

  2. Happy first Father's Day Daniel!


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