Happy 23rd Birthday Daniel!

[Clearly my blogging break didn't last 7-days. Post coming soon about what I learned during my break]

Daniel's birthday was on June 25th, and unfortunately it wasn't exactly a very exciting birthday for him. We have both had a nasty flu, and mine has lingered for over a week! To top it off, we were rear-ended on his birthday, but thankfully we're all okay and the car has just the tiniest scratch.

Daniel with his family at Spencer's on the Waterfront in Burlington

I thought I'd share 23 fun facts about my hubby to commemorate his special day (and although his birthday may have been disappointing, he's certainly not had a disappointing year!)

1. Daniel weighed 4 lbs 6 oz when he was born and was 18 inches long (to compare, Penelope was 8 lbs 9 oz and 22 inches)
2. Daniel is the oldest of 3 children. He has two younger siblings, Ryan and Allie. They're both taller than him.
3. Daniel's birthday is exactly 6 months before Christmas
4. Daniel's full name is Daniel Jonathan Bell. He still forgets how to spell his middle name and asks me each time he fills out a form.
5. Daniel has ADHD. If you have met Daniel this really isn't a surprise.
6. Daniel was a competitive national gymnast, and has competed all over Ontario, PEI, and California.
7. Daniel loves clothes. His favourite stores are Express, Banana Republic, Guess and Buffalo. Clearly, we can't afford his taste in clothes. Thank you Lord for Marshalls!
8. Daniel is a collector of books. He loves books, but he usually doesn't read them.
9. Daniel cannot cook, but he's really good at grilling anything on the BBQ!
10. Daniel has owned a 1994 Tercel, a 1990 Camry and a 2007 Pontiac G5
11. Daniel is fiercely loyal to his friends
12. Daniel is extremely protective of the women in his life (especially his wife, daughter, sister, and mom)
13. Daniel cuts my toenails, because if he doesn't...I'll be in the Guiness Book of World Records.
14. Daniel loves Action movies and loves Blu Ray (one of his b-day presents was the new Mission Impossible on BR, surprisngly good movie!)
15. Daniel's favourite TV Shows are Modern Family and Big Bang Theory
16. Daniel has two tattoos, one on his shoulder of a cross, and one on his side that says Faith.
17. Daniel has read the entire bible.
18. Daniel is incredibly smart, especially when it comes to theological issues, and loves theological discussions.
19. Daniel is very sensitive and kind-hearted.
20. Daniel is allergic to bees (which makes hiking really stressful for me!)
21. Daniel is a good dancer. But, he's not a good singer.
23. Daniel loves his God, wife, daughter, family and friends with a self-less love that is encouraging for those around him.

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  1. I was gonna say for you to take your own time...and this time can not be predicted, can it?! Im glad it latest less than a week cos I just LOVE your blog :D
    Hope you had Happy Bday Daniel! Fun and interesting facts about you :)


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