How Can Busy Mom's Abide In The Lord?

I love the Gospel of John because he uses the word "abide" so often when describing our relationship with the Lord. We must abide in the Lord, day-by-day, if we want to continue to grow spiritually and see victory over sin in our lives. We must abide in the Lord, if we want to see the Lord work in our lives, and the lives of our family.

I've been thinking about this a lot. I know I could make tons of excuses why I haven't been abiding in the Lord, but I seriously need Jesus as I care for my daughter and seek to make a home that is both a refuge for Daniel and I. Not living in your own home makes this difficult, but not impossible.

Here are a few ways I'm seeking to abide in the Lord, even as a busy new mom

1. Pray before my feet hit the floor: Even if Penelope is crying, and I'm bleary-eyed, and my husband is snoring next to me. I must give my day to God. It doesn't need to be a fancy, 20-minute prayer. But, I need to surrender my day to Him. If my husband is awake too, we like to pray together.

2. Read God's Word each day: This one has been hard for me. I haven't been in His Word daily, but I need to be! Sometimes I feel like approaching God's Word is so daunting. But, I'm trying to remember that even getting in one chapter is better than nothing right now.

3. Praise Jesus throughout the day: Today I put on worship music while I cleaned the kitchen. It was a simple change to the usual (having the TV on and listening to it from the kitchen), but it made a huge difference for me! I'm going to try to put some worship music on at least once a day while I do some chores.

4. Pray over your children: Praying for, and over our children is one of the most important things that we can do. So, why is it so difficult for us busy moms? Usually, I pray over my daughter when I'm feeding her. I feel like we're already together, close, and bonding (even if she doesn't know it yet!!) so why not pray for her? It beats singing the same old songs to her over and over again, or watching TV, or staring at the wall bored out of my mind.

5. Take time to grow spiritually with your spouse: Even if it's just 15-minutes per day, I think it's important to connect spiritually with your husband. Whether it's praying in the morning, or before bed (preferably both!) Or, reading some scripture together. Or, doing a couples devotional together. Right now we have lots of time together so we're trying to do all of the above. A great couples devotional is Devotions for a Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas.

6. Listen to Godly Women online: Right now it's really, really hard for me to have fellowship with godly Christian women. I tried to attend our small groups last Friday and all Penelope wanted to do was feed, so Daniel had to bring me home after 15-minutes (and I fed her for about 2-hours straight!) I spent that time listening to an online parenting podcast, and it really encouraged me! If you can't get out, there are tons of great sermons and resources online that you can use for encouragement during this season. I love listening to Jen Wilkin from the Village Church. Check our her stuff here.

What do you do to abide in the Lord as a busy mom?

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  1. My friends and I started a weekly bible study - 4 out of 6 of us have babies! (One's in the tummy still). Having a moms study is so wonderful, albeit sometimes distracting.


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