Mommy Blogging Guilt

I'm done with this.

I spent my blogging break mostly sleeping and cuddling with my little bunny. It was really nice and I'm going to try to do both more (sleep and cuddle).

I asked myself a few questions these last few days and thought I'd share what I've learned and decided for myself as a blogger.

1. What are my blogging boundaries?
I've decided to create some blogging boundaries and guidelines for myself. This will help me to keep my priorities straight and ensure that blogging does not take precedence over other areas of my life that are more important. They include:
- not over-sharing about my family, especially my daughter and husband. I think I'm already pretty good about this, but being even more diligent. I may write more on this topic another day because it's pretty huge to me. I'm extremely vulnerable about my personal story, but I try not to share too much that is personal for my hubby or child.
- doing first-things-first each day. That means reading my bible before I write a blog, eating a healthy breakfast, and making sure that the baby is happy and fed/changed.
- not stirring the pot unless I feel called to. I don't want to be one of those people that stirs the pot just to...stir it. It seems in the blogging world there is pressure to be a bit controversial to get more readers, and I have certainly felt that pressure. I don't feel personally comfortable with doing this (even though I have in the past!) unless I feel God is calling me to speak to a certain issue. Areas like sexual purity are huge to my blog and things I will continue to speak to, not because they're controversial, but because I feel God is calling me to write about those issues.

2. Why am I even blogging?
A week ago I would have said I'm blogging to glorify God. That is so true still, but I think that blogging is complex and there are tons of reasons people blog. I also blog to create memories for myself, my husband, and our children. I blog to reach out to other people with different and similar values to me. I blog because I love to write and it's a creative outlet for me. I blog because in this big world where people can start to feel really small and insignificant, I feel like I have a place.

3. Am I blogging too much or spending too much time on my blog?
YES! Since having Penelope I have been plagued by guilt, and that is because I am guilty! I've been spending way too much time blogging. Partially, because I've been lonely and it's been a place for me to feel like I have community. Also, because I had this crazy idea in my head that I could make some money from blogging and alleviate some very real financial pressure that we're having right now. I already know that blogging is hard work. Blogging to make money takes crazy, insane amounts of hard work. I was spending way too much time researching, connecting, and writing in order to build a blogging business. I don't have time for that right now, and I finally told myself I need to be realistic and let go of this little dream of mine.

4. Is blogging affecting my family?
This is a tough question. Daniel would probably say no. He doesn't seem to be bothered by the time that I spend on my blog, but I still feel that I've been taking too much time on this hobby of mine. I haven't been connecting and loving on my daughter as much as I should. These past few days have shown me that, and that is why I am going to be spending less time blogging and more time with my family. I also realize that I can't be with my baby 24/7. I need time to myself. It's okay to put her in her swing and spend 30-minutes writing. I can't be plagued by guilt over that. But, I need to be able to walk away from my computer and give my time and energy to my little girl.

5. Should I even be doing this?
This was the big question. I was seriously unsure of this. I've spent about a month feeling guilty, resenting my fatigue and duties, longing to fulfill this blogging dream, and really throwing myself into this dream. The answer is that I should not be blogging like it's my job, but it's okay to blog for fun. I'll continue to blog pretty regularly, but I'm not going to spend as much time in the "background" of the blogging world. Maybe one-day I'll have more time and I can resume pursuing this writing dream of mine, but for now I'm perfectly happy living the dream of being a mommy and wife.

Are you a blogger? How do you balance blogging and the rest of your life?

one day if I have an office I want to frame this!


  1. Bri, you are so cute. You are a pretty young lady and a mama to a beautiful little girl. When I came accross your blog, it was that feeling of the best discovery ever. I could relate to most of stuff you talked about, I started to relate to a wife way of life ( even though Im not married, and you already know all the issues of my life ) and...yeah, it was just so inspiring I never ever left your blog. And never will. So its completely OK to be confused as you are. I dont know what happened and what blog is the one you are talking about that made you feel guilty and made you take a break, but I do know you now have a totally different life from last year for example. You had just gotten married and wanted to share your story with the world and share different point of views of a vast amount of things ( not only marriage and not only about you ) and thats soooo genuine, you know? You are so confident. Any way, the point is: ITS FINE to feel a nit guilty because now you are in charge of taking care of a newborn baby girl and you were used to blog a lot. Things will change, but as long as it doesnt affect you and your heart ( so you dont feel guilty ) its fine to keep sharing your thoughts, ideas, experiences, with the world!!! Keep it up girl :) Try to settle the time you will be able to "waste" on the web, that could help you! :)

  2. Brii, here I am again. I should actually email you but its faster here: Dont know if you have come accross this video/story... so Im here to show it to you. Ive been surfing the web and...isnt it JUST ...I dont even have the words to explain what I feel!
    Watch the video below the details...


    PS: you can delete this comment afterwards!

  3. Everything you write here are questions I ask myself over and over again. They are valid questions. I love the way you answered every one of them. Especially, reading the bible and having breakfast before blogging. I struggle with this same issue. I'll be back. I'm eager to follow :)

  4. Interesting.... But blogging is so much fun! Nice post though


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