My Big Dreams for This Blog

I've had some big dreams for my blog for awhile now. When I first started the blog in May 2011 (see my first post here), I never imagined that I'd enjoy writing so much. At the time, I think I had about 200 views on my blog in one month. A little over one year later, and I have on average about 10,000 views per month. I also blog a lot more, and invest a lot more of myself!

For the past 6-months or so, I have had some big dreams for my blog. I don't think it's wrong to generate an income from blogging, especially when you take time away from your family and other priorities to keep it up. So, I have prayed about it and discussed my hopes and dreams with my husband, and we have both decided that I should continue to invest time on This Rookie Wife. Possibly, we're hoping to even generate a bit of income for our family.

I'm being up-front with my readers about the "income bit" because I want to be honest and sincere. I hope you all will continue to read, even if there is an advertisement or two on this blog. I will also only accept advertisements that I support. Same goes with any sponsered posts or giveaways. I'm not going to have a Canadian Tire advertisement on my blog, because I never go there, and that would just be silly.

I hope you enjoy my new blog design. I'm really pleased with the way that it turned out, and thankful for my amazing husband who spent a few hours today installing the design (it's cheaper to install the design yourself -- for any bloggers out there looking to get a nice new blog design).

Okay -- my little Penelope is asking me to snuggle her, so I better go!

What do you think about bloggers who try to make an income from their blog? Are they sell-outs, or is blogging a job that deserves an income? I'd be interested to hear your thoughts!!


  1. Love the new look! And, there is nothing wrong with adding advertising to your blog as long as it supports your overall mission - like you said, Canadian Tire may not be appropriate but advertising you support is another thing. Looking forward to seeing it all come together :)

  2. I do support your dreams for the blog. Your blog is amazing and you now have soo many views because you are honest and dont make up things to get people's attention. It is a unique way and I wish you good luck with that :)


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