My Experience with Midwifery Care

I always thought that a woman who chose to have a midwife deliver their child was either a hippie or amish. I was also haunted by the awful movie Midwives with Sissy Spacek, and assumed that Midwives were underqualified.

Even when I discovered I was pregnant, I didn't even consider selecting a midwife to follow me through my pregnancy. By the time I was 18-weeks pregnant, I was so frusturated with my care (or lack of) with my family doctor that I started looking into midwifery care. I'd heard great things from many of my friends, but I was still seriously nervous about choosing a midwife.

I was surprised to discover that all the clinics I called were fully booked. I went on about 4 different waiting lists. Clearly, midwives were more popular than I gave them credit for. When I was 20-weeks pregnant I was accepted as a patient with the Hamilton Midwives and had my first appointment that week.

Here are the following reasons why I love midwifery care:
- I formed relationships with my midwives. I was assigned two main midwives to care for me, and I loved both of them equally. They took time to answer my questions thoroughly, and also got to know me and my husband on a personal level. They shared their professional and personal experience with us.
My midwives instilled confidence in me. My midwives never made me feel inadequete, or ill-equipped. They always provided me with detailed information so that I could make an informed decision, and they encouraged me whenever I felt nervous or discouraged about an aspect of pregnancy or motherhood. I believe I'm a confident mother because of my midwifery care.
- My midwives supported my decisions. I never felt judged by my midwives for any of the decisions that I made. When I asked for an epidural they gave one to me. When my epidural wasn't strong enough they gave me a stronger dose. When I considered co-sleeping they encouraged me. When I continued to take diclectin in my second and third trimester they supported me.
- My midwives were incredibly professional and qualified. Midwives deal with pregnant women and babies constantly. They know a lot. My midwife told me I had PUPPS when my doctor had never even heard of PUPPS. My midwives also never took chances with me. They followed me closely, especially when I went over-due. When I was in labour additional medical professionals were involved when even the slightest complication arose. An ob-gyn ended up delivering Penelope because of complications, but my midwife never left my side. I'm so proud of my labour and delivery experience because I feel my midwives encouraged and equipped me to have a beautiful experience, despite the complications.
- My midwives followed me 6-weeks postpartum. I never realized how incredibly important this is until I had Penelope. My midwife drove to Burlington 3-times in the first 7-days after Penelope was born to visit her and see how we were both doing. After that we still had visits every two weeks at the clinic. We had our last visit this week, and it was seriously sad for me to reach the end of this beautiful journey.

If you have any questions about midwifery care, feel free to comment or e-mail me at thisrookiewife@gmail.com. Did you choose midwifery care? Comment and tell me how your experience was!

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