My Story: Part 8 [My Prince Charming]

I started writing my story a few months ago, and stopped abruptly after writing my most difficult post: Part 7. I decided I need to get back on the horse and finish my story, since it's almost finished anyway!

After I crawled back into the arms of my Saviour in December 2008, I spent a lot of time reflecting, reading scripture, watching sermons, and connecting with old friends. I still made mistakes, but I had a much better understanding of grace, and I didn't allow myself to wallow in self-pity. I finally allowed God's undeserved forgiveness to wash over me.

At this time I felt a deep desire to be married. I wasn't sure if this was God or me. I prayed about it, and surrendered my wishes to him. I didn't feel patient, but I knew I had to be patient and wait on the Lord's timing. I finally realized that having a godly Christian husband was not impossible for me, because I would only marry a man who would accept me as I am.

At the end of March 2009, I was spending time with my best friend Ashley. We had been spending a lot more time together, and she had always been a great godly influence in my life. She would often talk about her friend Daniel, who drove her home every weekend from Redeemer. She said Daniel was exactly like me. He was also striving after God, after being away from the Lord for some time and worshipping relationship with man over God (or woman, in his case). She said she thought we were finally ready to meet each other. I laughed at her plan to perfectly time our meeting until we were spiritually ready, but in reality, her timing was perfect and she was wise to wait to introduce us.

In early April 2008 I met my future husband. I had no idea I was going to marry Daniel. In fact, I wasn't even sure I liked him at first. But, after spending some time with him and getting to know his heart, I quickly found myself wanting to know him more and more.

I remember being so hesitant to introduce Daniel to my mom. I knew this guy was different, but how was my mom supposed to know? She had been introduced to far too many guys in the past, so I waited, and waited a bit more to introduce them.

After a few months of being with Daniel I knew that I'd never meet a man more perfect for me. I loved him and knew we'd be married soon, it was just a matter of when. It was during this time that my patience was truly tested. I mean, I had to wait for him to propose. If I could have changed anything in our dating relationship, it would have been to be more patient and not badger Daniel so much about proposing.
Daniel proposed to me on June 25, 2010. We had been together for almost 15-months, which is not a long time according to most people! It was Daniel's 21st birthday, and I was really, really not expecting the proposal on that day! I was planning a surprise birthday for Daniel the following day, so we had a seriously busy weekend.

Our engagement lasted 10-months. Our engagement was really tough for me because many people didn't approve of our marriage (because we were so young). But, the most important lesson that I learned during my engagement is that sticking with your partner and being of one heart and mind can get you through some of the greatest trials. We continued to learn this lesson early in our marriage.
On May 7, 2011 we were married. It was a beautiful day and I was so glad to be Daniel's wife. He had proved himself as the most loving, trust-worthy, kind, and generous man in my life. The Lord plans things perfectly. Most women know the love of a man from birth. They are loved by their father, and other important men in their lives, who teach them their value and worth. For me, the first time I felt loved by a man was when my husband fell in love with me, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Our marriage was unlike most marriages. We spent a lot of time together. Daniel was in school, and was home a lot to study (or, in our case, hang out). I didn't work after November, so I was home to rest during my tiring pregnancy (or, just hang out). We didn't grow tired of each other, instead, we our love grew stronger and stronger each day.
Our first year of marriage was very eventful.
-We got pregnant, unexpectedly. We were hugely blessed by God's surprise for us, our sweet daughter Penelope.
-I lost my job, and endured a trial with my workplace that I'm still not quite ready to express on my blog.
-My husband found a wonderful job as a Personal Support Worker during the school year, and made an amazing friend in the process.
-We both hunted for a ministry position for Daniel, which took him on a flight to Winnipeg. Daniel eventually accepted a position in Burlington, something we had never dreamed of happening!
-I grew to love blogging and started entertaining the possibility of one day writing a book of my own
- My relationship with my mom grew stronger than ever. Leaving home was difficult for us both, and my pregnancy helped us to bond and connect like we hadn't in a long time.
- My relationship with my dad deteroited and eventually ended permanetly. I'm still coming to terms with this and find it hard to deal with at times.
- and...I learned to love my husband...10000 times more than I did on the day I said "I do". I learned that the man I thought was so great, was actually way greater than I realized.
So, that's the story of my Prince Charming. The Lord resuced me, by his grace. He has also used Daniel as his agent to make me feel loved, cherished, and cared for. If Daniel loves me so perfectly, imagine how much more the Lord loves me?

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