Grant Horner's Bible Reading System

I started the Grant Horner Bible System yesterday. I used this plan for about three months when I was engaged to be married. It was a great time in my life and I remember just feeling so hungry for God's Word. At the time I read 10 chapters of the Bible per day. It was intense.

Daniel and I both started this plan for our personal devotions, but instead we're splitting the readings into five chapters per day. I think that's a bit more manageable for both of us right now, and so far after day two of reading it's been really awesome. I love that we get to discuss what we've read together, and I love how excited I feel to open up God's Word.

To be honest, I'm finding that it's been really hard to open up the bible and just sit and read, uninterrupted. I've been making excuses after excuses regarding why I can't read. I realized that there is never going to be a perfect time to read God's Word. There will always be distractions. These past few days I've read scripture in the bath, while feeding Penelope, while Penelope naps, and even while Penelope fusses and cries.

Perhaps there will be days when I get to sit down on the deck with a cup of tea and enjoy reading five chapters of God's Word in beautiful silence. For the most part though, this isn't going to happen for me right now, but I thank God for this wonderful and precious season regardless.

When do you read your Bible? Do you have a favourite reading plan?

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  1. I relate to this so very much. I'm constantly waiting for that perfect moment to sit down with my bible, searching for a time that is quiet and still. All the while, I'm a busy mom of two. When school is in session I have my devotions during the baby's nap, but in the summer when the oldest is home too, it seems like there's never a free moment. And waking up in the wee hours of the morning before anyone wakes up is rare, I must confess. You're right Brianna! If I have to read His word a minute here and a minute there throughout the day, at least I'm in His word, Amen!


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